I tend to click on a lot of links that are related and I wanted somewhere to post lots of them, without spamming everything into Chinwag Local - so I'm trying something out.

Come hang out, post stuff if you want, let's see if it goes anywhere.

On software choice - if it gains traction, I'll look at something a bit more federated later. Both @LemmyDev and @prismo looked good but not quite mature enough to deploy right this second.

Also I wanted to take a look at Postmill for a while, and it's just PHP and happy with PostgreSQL as a backend so I don't need new infrastructure for it.

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@mike I hadn't seen Postmill before. Looks pretty good.

@matt I'm impressed how snappy it is, although admittedly there's not much content to deal with yet.

Very nice work, I'm happy. Not everything needs to be federated. 😁

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