I accidentally clicked "yeah sure" on a Windows update prompt about half an hour ago and now I'm stuck at work waiting for it to complete because I don't want to shut my laptop down in the middle of it.

This has led to me bidding on an old computer on eBay since I'm wasting time now, and I'm honestly kinda hoping someone outbids me because hoo boy I don't need this.


Convincing myself it's an OK deal because it's in Melbourne and I can save the $9 in shipping fees by going and getting it myself.

Whoops. Laptop wasn't plugged in and just shut itself down heh.

Hope I haven't totally trashed that Windows partition. I need it for ... um ...

Well, I guess I just hope it hasn't trashed the boot sector so I can still get into Ubuntu.

Thank fuck, I got outbid and by like $150 or so, so I won't end up regretting not going just $10 more.

@mike I came in late but could feel the tension. Is the Ubuntu partition OK?

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