Yes please, I'd love to head up to the roof of a car park to climb into an aircraft run by a company that views regulations as inconvenient restraints upon its profits and is flown by an independent contractor for less than minimum wage. Sign me the fuck up. Five stars.

@mike I had to check the date, was pretty sure it wasn't April 1.

@Andrea I can't wait until the first time someone tries to land on some tram power lines.

@mike @Andrea

i can't wait until someone tries to land a car on a crowd, or a police station, or Parliament house.

and, Andrea? i think we are approaching the status of Eternal April 1. i find myself wondering if Rome was like this in its last days.

@Andrea @Nikolai_Kingsley @mike hang on. Is that what kind of fiddle the Roman emperor was referring to

@mike At the first sign of trouble: “Oh, we’re not an air travel company, we’re a tech company.”

@drewzero1 "Our craft are designed to operate in the air, so of course it stopped working when the contractor landed it in the river. It was working perfectly until then. It's not our fault."

@mike “We are also, as we’ve previously established, not a boat company, and will assume no liability for the aircraft suddenly attempting to become a watercraft.”

@mike is this why we can’t have nice things?

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