Probably spoke too soon about feeling fine after the hike yesterday, I've done something to my right leg that's not fun. Was a bit stiff yesterday, didn't think much of it, but wow it hurts more today. Standing is OK, but walking involves a distinct limp ...

@rolaveric Yes. I've given it some thought and I've decided not to do that any more. Just going to get younger now.

@rolaveric it's kind of ironic that it's taken me so many years to acquire this wisdom.

@mike obviously time to spend the rest of the day soaking in a tub full of hot water.

@Nikolai_Kingsley I wish. Had to just hobble into work.

Hilariously the hardest thing to do this morning was to find a way to put on my right sock without bending my leg in a way that hurt.


old age is an increasingly elaborate series of ways of pretending that nothing's wrong.

i haven't tried to trim my toenails with a bench-mounted angle grinder yet, but it's only a matter of time.

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