My expedition into the Lerderderg State Park today was a bit of an impulse decision; 24 hours elapsed between the thought and standing at a trail head.

The main point was to take a full pack out on some moderately proper terrain, but without a multi day commitment. I haven't done this since tearing a shoulder muscle last year.

I carried everything required to camp, walked about 4 hours straight and feel fine. Could have done more, but daylight is a precious resource at the moment.

I've been enjoying reading a blog from a guy who lives in the western suburbs of Melbourne and who seems to walk a lot of the places I'm interested in and writes like I imagine I do.

It's not me.

Anyway, I just realised his blog post about the area I was doing today mentions having ‘War Pigs’ by Black Sabbath come on as he turned onto the gravel road.

Today as I made that turn, Spotify gave me 'Paranoid'. Something around that area really likes Sabbath.

@mike funny. I ran into this guy on OKC about 4-5 years ago. Always liked the way he wrote. Never got to meet though.

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