How good are dates? Let's hear it for dates. I love some dates.

I have not been paid by any date marketing organisations for this post. I am just a fan.

food, not vegan 

food, not vegan 

f-word, unpleasant association 

f-word, unpleasant association 


'I recognize the first word, Of course, as well as the fourth, the ninth, and the eleventh, but what is a "date"?'

'I never found out. It is, I suspect, an Edwardian term of derision, perhaps deriving from the conquest of the Sudan or some other place with oases. '

- Ustinov, to himself

@mike the king of fruits!

Well unless you’re a monkey in an Indiana Jones movie.

@mike Best way to eat dates? Covered in liquorice powder!

@remaster not sure I'm sold on that, I hate liquorice in general. I'll take your word for it that it works. 😁

@mike It's an unexpected combo, even here in Finland where we eat a lot of (salty) licorice.

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