Because I work at a place that's primarily Unix-related development, we don't really have many machines that run Windows around, 99% of those that do, are VMs run by developers. We have maybe 2 or 3 Windows desktops used by non-technical users.

So when one of them has an issue like "my mouse feels like it's moving weird, no it's different, no I didn't change anything" guess who gets to go try to solve the "problem"?

I don't miss doing full time desktop support. I really don't.

So hey, I solved this problem! Did you know Bluetooth on some desktop motherboards depends on the wifi antenna? Seems obvious in hindsight! Never connected it because we only use wired connections in the office whenever possible. Everything works great now ...

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We have this fun situation where all the tech leads have MacBooks, so they can take them to meetings, but every other dev has the most basic ass windows machine money can buy.
So I end up creating dev tools and build scripts that take 2-3 times longer for everyone else - assuming I didn't introduce a cross-platform issue 🙁


"Mouse is moving weird? Scrape the schtuss off the bottom."

"But it's a laser mouse."

"Doesn't matter. It's got schtuss."

@mike yep, I did indeed, but then I work in desktop support.

@dadegroot Yeah I've been out of the loop for about 15 years at this point. Last time I was up to date, XP was in its prime ...

At least I reassured myself that my ability to research an issue and cut through bullshit results is still intact!


i found that out when listening streaming radio with a Bluetooth speaker. My old android tablet did the same, wifi + bt = choppy connections

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