Having a total "fuck it" night after mass train cancellations to the point where I just got a fucking uber home. Now ordering pizza instead of cooking. Fuck it. Fuck everything.

@mike "It's so dangerous to jump off a train in the middle of a track when you have power cables lying on the track ... it is never the right course of action," Mr Weimar said.

Well Mr. Weimar should be arguing that to the management who choose not to have actual helpful human conductors paid to be in the carriage with passengers.

@bignose not to dispute the need for conductors (I agree, bring them back) it does claim in the article the were Metro staff on board (ticket inspectors I bet), but I'm sure nobody listened. I don't know what a conductor could do more than tell people not to do something and watch as they did it anyway.

That's a terrible spot to get stuck too there's really no way to walk out without crossing a line. I'm not even sure I wouldn't have walked out though.

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