How good is it when you wake up and the first thing you find out is that one of your database servers isn't running and you get to debug that before you're even dressed?

@freakazoid I know what caused it, it was a one-off and definitely my fault for running something overnight that was pretty resource heavy.

I didn't account for the backup process starting in the middle of it (scheduled for the middle of the night, duh) and suddenly there was no RAM left ... it all seemed to go downhill from there for some reason! 😀

@mike It's a good idea to make snapshots on a replica that's dedicated to the purpose.

@freakazoid I know al the things I should have done, I was just not taking that particular server seriously enough and definitely shouldn't have let something run unattended overnight on it.

All came up fine once I figured it out, and I have a feeling I'm the only one who really noticed. Going to call this one a win and go have breakfast now!

@mike sysadmin lyfe indeed! I know the feeling all too well.

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