I’m not a fan of carpets because they accumulate dust and dander, but whenever I talk to co-workers from Chicago or the US Northeast, they consider carpet essential. Maybe my view is an artifact of living in #SoCal.

@lnxw48a1 floors can suck a lot of heat out of a room, it's a pretty essential insulation layer in a lot of circumstances.

@mike @lnxw48a1 I live in the US midwest and love the wood floor in my apartment, but it's always cold. Anecdotally, I see people in my area taking out carpet more often than putting it in. I think carpet is like wallpaper in that it's going out of style.

@drewzero1 @mike @lnxw48a1 After moving to topical climate, having tines floor is not a problem. Whenever I go back to Sweden stepping out of the shower is painful. 🙂

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