realisation that Game of Thrones has been running for long enough that there are now going to be adults who can only barely, if at all, remember a time before it was on


@theoutrider there are people who have never known a world without The Simpsons who have grandchildren.

@mike @theoutrider

I'm guessing that's pretty rare, but there are definitely Juggalos in full face paint bringing their grandchildren to see ICP perform.

@celesteh @mike the metal festival I used to go to (Bloodstock) has a "quiet campsite" for grownups and it's very nice and people actually bring their children along

best thing I saw there was a grizzled grey old man in a ratty 20-year old denim jacket full of band patches teach a tiny child how to throw up the horns

@nebula @celesteh @mike wherein Violent J and his furry daughter grumble about getting scammed on a shit-quality fursuit off aliexpress

Yes, yes, we all know about how furries are acceptable among Juggalos. Y'know the crazier part is that their label is actually successful? This is why the free market is bad.
@celesteh @mike

@nebula @theoutrider @mike

Juggalos are anti-fascist and pro-furry. I had a lot of negative assumptions and associations about Juggalos, but it was just unfair hearsay informed by classicism.

@celesteh @nebula @mike I'm *assuming* you mean classism? though at the same time...

@theoutrider @nebula @mike

LOLmyGod, autocorrect gold! My love for Juggalos is as symmetrically formed as a Doric column.

Yeah, and when I grew up around Detroit I caught a lot of homophobic shit from Juggalos, too. I'm not saying they all suck but I don't have to understand the appeal.
@theoutrider @mike

@theoutrider @nebula @celesteh my god that's amazing. I've never seen anything be that oddly and yet terrifyingly wholesome.

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