Hey kids when you're designing awesome decentralised stuff, don't forget discoverability. I mean podcasts, conceptually, are perfectly decentralised but when I ask someone about their podcast 90% of the time they tell me to look it up on iTunes.

@mike Which is weird since you can find most podcasts by typing "<title> podcast" into your favorite search engine.

All other decentralized things would benefit greatly from some kind of searchable recommendation sharing thingy ala

@freakazoid @mike that's something I need to do post about but we'd have to rely on each other for these posts. Like sharing our subscriptions as easily as we post text

@freakazoid @mike so true. I think about that a lot, a "decentralized"

Is anybody working on such a thing?

@freakazoid @mike I wonder if anything interesting that way will come NLnet Zero Discovery...

@mike time for more decentralized centralization services? XD

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