"Hey Mike, you know computers, how do I not get hacked?"

"Stop doing those dumb 'What Industrial Solvent Are You?' quizzes, delete Facebook and don't reuse your passwords."

"Hahah yeah, but seriously, what app for my phone should I get?"

@mike also using good passwords helps; ideally even if you reused a password from a site that just used bare MD5 with no salt for its passwords, you'd still be safe. The whole Ⓑ network is about 45 (SHA1) exahashes/second at the moment; resisting that for a year would require a 90-bit password like "made exams icl rab ha gavin anne grips" or "VKTvG4OB6y1uC>" or "dddbaqjzsltnozkdqzwz".

(And a password manager on your phone could totally help you not reuse passwords.)

@mike now wondering what industrial solvent I am...

@waweic @Andrea oh god it still exists! That thing has been my go-to reference quiz name for years and years! I assumed it was dead and gone by now.

I'm still and proud!

@mike @waweic @Andrea

for some inexplicable reason i also self-identify as Tetrachloroethane, possibly because i don't adhere to dirt particles.

@waweic @Andrea @mike i have no idea what this is, but I'm SOLV KK006, 200

"You are incompatible with strong oxidizing agents and strong inorganic acids. In accordance with California Proposition 65, you are required to inform California that you contain trace levels of acetaldehyde."

Q: What apps do I need to make my phone more secure?

A: You need less apps to make your phone more secure, not more.

Q. But. But. Is there an OS with focus on privacy I could use on my phone to make it more secure?

A: Yes, you could try LineageOS.

Q. Cool! Does it run the FB app and WhatsApp?

A: I'm off to the pub down at the end of the road, if you need more advice... 😉

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