Treasure from the depths of storage. A 1GB USB drive that can "virtually" store THREE TIMES as much because magic maybe! Love the dual language captions with no separation, making poetry like "Transporting Transporter"

I'm not sure I want to open this, it'll devalue it.

I Googled it and the "magic" is a software driver that compresses your files into a Sony proprietary format called "VEM" and just copies them onto your fairly mundane USB stick.

If a user sticks the drive into a PC without having installed Sony's software, their Word docs have simply been transformed into whatever.VEM files and they can't do anything with them.

I wonder why this solution never caught on?

@mike that soft of solution could only really come from Sony

@mike That sounds like a very Sony solution.

IIRC they were the ones that put a root-kit on their DVDs to prevent piracy a few years back.

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