Sometime when I'm trying to get to the bottom of an issue when the user is a programmer I get surprised when I find a gap in their knowledge - like today when I realised I was asking questions about probable DNS issues to a guy who really had no idea how DNS worked.

I don't mean he SHOULD have known, there's no reason for him to be, but I sometimes forget that "IT" is a pretty broad field and I've been in it longer than some of these guys have been alive.

@mike I've become less worried about job security as time goes on. We've been piling on more and more layers since IPv4 and somebody has to fix it.

@tk I'm not worried about job security, but I really do want to get out of this industry. I can't take another 20+ years of this shit.

@mike I know the feeling, but haven't worked out where else I would end up. Have you?

@tk I'm kinda edging my way into theatre tech, venue management and production by way of working on comedy shows at festivals for a few years. Running my own pop-up venues now.

A viable exit strategy is beginning to form! It's not a year-round sustainable thing yet, but it's fun and rewarding work.

@mike Awesome to hear. I'll hit you up for gigs next time I've got some time to kill in Melbs :D

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