One part of getting older I don't see mentioned a lot of that the minimum coin denomination you can't be bothered bending down to pick up slowly increases.

5c comes on pretty early. I'm currently on 10c but I can see 20 in my near future. If it's $1 you're probably dead.

@mike I used to think that, but then I started a 5c jar and now I get very excited about 5c.

@mike i think there's a cusp around the 20c mark. if the 10c coin bounces and goes under the cash register, you don't want to bother them to get it, but 20c is still Real Money.

>started keeping spare change in a sock
>got too heavy
>now have four socks for 5, 10, 20 and 50
>can't tell them apart

next i'll be sewing labels on them.

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