@matt do you have a take on this runaway BHP train thing? Like, seems a bit odd that something like that could happen without someone fucking up big time, but really does feel a bit like the driver is scapegoated pretty rapidly.

@mike It's interesting but highly unlikely that it's anything to do with the driver. The manufacturer of the braking system has issued a safety notice regarding the brakes on the wagons releasing themselves after being applied for 60 minutes. This still doesn't explain why the brakes on the locomotives weren't on, the vigilance didn't work and the roll away protection didn't activate.

I reckon there was some funny business going on.

@matt yeah it all seems a bit weird, and that's coming from someone who doesn't actually even know all the systems they have, but just knowing how things MUST work at that scale ...

I have a feeling the unfair dismissal case will suddenly be settled with an undisclosed sum and a NDA when there's been a good long break in the coverage or there's some other distracting news going on.

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