Someone registered the domains for the upcoming avengers movie, bragged about it on Twitter to get tickets for the premiere and while didn't received the ticket, they sent him Deadpool props because he had set it up to redirect to Deadpool's website...

Extorsion can get you free things! Who would have thunk?!

Guy acts in a crappy way, society rewards him... and yet we wonder why our world is going to hell.


@HyuchiaDiego meh, it's just more advertising for them, and he didn't deny anyone anything. If they'd wanted those domains, they'd have registered them. The dude's post got some traction so they joined in.

@mike Yeah, you are right that they could have bought it themselves if they wanted to but it's still a bad example to give out to people :/ (although that's pretty much how social media works in it's entirety so that's not changing any time soon)

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