Today's post has brought me many treasures from far off and exotic lands. The tiny is for a dedicated controller so I don't have to keep using my main one all the time. They cost about $5 each. I got 4. :awesome:

It passes the "blink" test ... and so does one of the batch of new blue LEDs I got!


My tiny pirate radio station is now tinier. These little things are awesome.

I made it, I made a real thing. It's a thing what does stuff! And by "stuff" I mean it broadcasts a series of tones on FM radio. Guess I just need to whack a 3.5mm socket on there and it becomes more than a thing ... it'd become a useful thing.

@mike Neat! How much effort was this? I'd be keen to do it as a weekend project!

@hugo it's really hard to say as I've been poking away at this on and off and doing unrelated experiments in the middle of it etc.

I've had the FM transmitter unit in my drawer for five years. It was a impulse purchase and I've only just got to it.

Still not finished, I want to add a keypad for frequency selection.

Today I'm proud of myself because I read the transmitter spec sheet, measured my voltages and calculated the correct resistor to use and not blow it up!

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