Dear internet, please stop making videos to tell me things that could be adequately explained in one paragraph of text.

here's another wonderful example for you:

At least it's short, but it could also have been said in 1 or 2 sentences.

@mike But then the poor dears wouldn't get any ad impressions <pout>

@gemlog @mike a while back some younger folk on here (who find this phenomenon equally jarring) explained that videos over 10 minutes tended to get more chance of Youtube putting ads on them and sharing revenue, hence why a lot of content is padded out towards this length or more..

@ben my main regret is that it's taken me this long to work back through my notifications to get to this! :awesome:

@ben @mike @pertho
I think this bullshit only exists because facebook faked stats of interactions with videos, so content producers were lead to believe that videos get more clicks/eyballs/whatever than texts. Of course fucking idiots blindly believed facebooks stats and started producing this annoying shit, even though everyone hates it :-/

@ben @mike so true !
Command line operations in video make me laught

@mike "ok we will explain it in text but spread it across 10 paragraphs of [not soft & unpettable] fluff so we can insert interstitial ads between each of them and you'll leave knowing less than you did when you started"

Right? Please! Or at least skip the intro and just explain the thing, then follow up with who the heck you are cuz by then we’ll probably care more anyway.

@mike @archadia this was literally the problem I set out to try and solve with my major group project during my MCOMP. :D

@mike Yeah but what about :
- Making a video to say this statement
- Uploading it on Youtube
- Monetizing
- Profit
- Complaining about YT's Content ID because the video was "striked" because some copyrighted material when the cat meowed in the video


@mike Most people that would click on the video wouldn't bother to read the paragraph, though.

@mike Hell yeah. I can not bare those video tutorials anymore. Text! We want text!


Especially where the video contains more than one line of text shown on screen that I might feasibly desire to copy and paste.

@mike Same goes for TED talks. Just give us the slides and skip the 45 minutes walking around the stage reading them out to us.

@mike This is my personal preference too, but every time I do usertesting, I am reminded that many people understand a lot better from seeing something done. Also, if you don't know the lay of the land nor the jargon, having a video explain how a procedure works can be essential. And sometimes it's an accessiblity issue as well, like for people with lower literacy or certain cognitive problems. And I do agree there's a lot of terrible, superfluous, clickbait video's out there.

@mike Nobody reads anymore, Mike! It's a damn shame, I know.

@mike [30 second animated title sequence] "What's up guys, so today I thought I'd talk about how to boil water, but before we get started I want to remind you to like and subscribe if you find it helpful, it really helps my channel out, thanks. Oh and uh, I've got links to all this stuff I use in this video in the description section so you can buy it if you need to..."

@mike I know, right? Especially with my Internet, so slow that the videos don't even load ⏳🤔

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