Welp, another community I used to like has been sucked into the black hole of Discord - a closed system run by a company with no business model that's just collecting accounts until someone buys the company or they figure out how to sell the users. Another Facebook waiting to happen.

Glad you're here, Fediverse. Never change. I need you. ❤️

@mike The fact that Discord is so successful is actually incredibly encouraging, to me.

Because Discord is pretty much functionally identical to IRC. (Practically nobody ever uses the voice rooms.) In other words, it's absolutely ripe for an open-source decentralized equivalent that's actually just as good for people to move to if Discord goes under.

@mike ...also, Discord does appear to be actively in search of a business model, rather than just hoping someone buys them up.

There's Nitro subscriptions, and their latest experiment in competing with Steam as a videogame marketplace. Both of these are of the conventional "exchange money for goods and services" kind of business model, which seems like an encouraging sign.

@mike most people don't seem to care. They just want convenience. I've stopped sharing any opinion on these matters. I just say 'no I don't use Facebook' and they treat me with bewildered disdain

@Funkpirata @mike ditto - bewildered disdain + often a helpful "you know it's free/easy to sign up?"

@vamp @Funkpirata someone today literally did that - told me how easy to use Discord was and that they were sure I'd be able to figure it out. Assuming that was my issue with it ...

@mike @Funkpirata I get it a lot with facebook, probably because I'm older and female, they assume I'm not savvy because I dont explain *why* I don't facebook, just that I don't. It's funny :)

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