One annoying thing about an emulated with a real 64 keyboard is you need the emulator menu, which requires losing a key function or having a PC one attached. Untidy.

Unless you hook up switches to the to emulate keys the 64 doesn't have ...

@mike Really enjoying your posts on the #C64 BTW! Thanks for sharing your progress (and frustration) 👍🏻

@chidgey thanks! I like making little progress posts, keeps me enthused while knocking out the longer articles that take ages. 😀

@mike what about a keyboard encoder like gpwiz or something? Use them for mame cabs. You could just make a few small buttons on the back or side of the system for your specific needs.

@hurt138 oh the final setup will be much neater, and yes fixed down on some back panel I haven't made yet. It's just a taped-on breadboard right now so I can do the software side and figure out how many buttons is the right number.

I may only do one, it's all that's needed, but I can think of plenty of uses for extras if there are sensible places to put them.

@mike i guess if its on the pi, you can just use gpio pins also.

@hurt138 that's exactly what they're hooked to, with a really lightweight daemon that translates button pushes to keystrokes. Works perfectly for my needs here.

Do you have a link to the daemon or library? I have a mame cabinet that uses a GPWIZ on a old AMD 2600+ CPU. Just ordered another Pi3B+ to replace it with. Would be interested in just using GPIO and remove the GPWIZ if it was responsive enough.

@hurt138 it's called pikeyd, I'm lazing about in bed right now, or I'd link it. 😁

Response time isn't a factor for me here so I haven't really tested that. Simplicity of configuration was my priority.

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