It's probably not a healthy thing when the best possible outcome you can imagine every day at work is that maybe today you might get fired, right?

@mike Possibly not healthy but surprisingly common. Especially in IT.

@mike Not the healthiest, but certainly not the worst.
I've had days where I've thought "What if I broke my hand, could I go home then?"

@mike that doesn't sound like a good place to be. are your fears grounded or are you literally thinking worst case scenario situation? I've been there and began to doubt my ability and I never was fired but it was just my depression talking to me. it's really hard to break free from that mindset. hope things improve for you.

@CopernicusCF no, it's more that I really am not enjoying my job, but if I quit I lose a lot of accrued benefits. If they fire me or make me redundant then I'd get a reasonable payout.

I'm just low-key miserable in my role but not enough that it'd convince me to walk without something awesome waiting.

@mike @CopernicusCF Sometimes it helps to remember it’s just a job on the bad days.

@mike The way I read this is that getting fired is something you want?

@loke but really, I just hate my job and I can't leave it.

@mike i have been in a job like that for way to long before. Its really not a healthy way to live.
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