Been playing with internal layout options for my today. I've gone with the Zero W, using a HDMI to VGA adapter to split out the audio signal, cos it fits so well in the tape port area. Userport will become 3 USB ports.

Things are a bit out of place right now, because the plug on my Keyrah cable is really large and makes it impossible to center the USB hub, and that pushes the VGA over as well.

This is why everything is just taped currently heh.

I want to bring the USB power jack and the 3.5mm audio to the rear ports and provide sockets for them somehow. I'm thinking a lot of hot glue will be involved.

I will not make any permanent modifications to the C64 case itself.

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Being committed to the VGA option doesn't seem great though, but it's the most convenient way to get analog audio from the Pi Zero W - which I kinda really want to use because it's spare and I don't want to buy another Pi right now.

I might try to find a small 2-input HDMI switch I can pull apart, so I could have a VGA/HDMI switch somewhere. That'd be pretty neat and might cover all my display needs.

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@mike what kind of controller are you using for reading the keyboard?

@mike The 8 Bit guy was involved in a similar hack, recently.

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