This bloody just took a piece of toast right out of my hand as I was about to take a bite.

Amazingly smooth work, I honestly didn't comprehend what had happened until it was all over.

I dunno what it even thought my toast was, but it was very disappointed. It just slapped the toast against the fence a few times until it broke, then dropped it.

I feel like it was just making a point.

It appears the kookaburra was probably hired by these magpies.

@mike There’s no doubt which is the more highly evolved species, unfortunately for us.

@mike Looks like a great neighborhood, although with high crime rates.

@sajith you should see a gang of cockatoos lift the lid on a bin and start pulling the contents out. It's amazing to watch as long as it's not your bin.

@mike That sounds like a description of raccoons with wings!

@mike maggies are so clever. I love seeing the team work and communication they put into bullying you out of your lunch. It's a premeditated pincer strike every time.

@mike Stop, kookaburra stop, kookaburra save some toast for me!

@mike ahahah, that's hilarious. I'm so sorry about your loss tho <3

@mike i had one so the same thing once - never saw it coming

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