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Honestly my favourite thing about the fediverse at the moment is the - more please. Never stop not breadposting.

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Hi - please consider yourselves informed that @dolldolldoll is now your official "backup admin" if a hit-by-a-bus situation should occur - follow her main at @dolldolldoll if you want!

I've known Ivy for close to two decades now, we've co-sysadmined things previously and I vouch that you can trust her as you trust me.

Ivy will have access to all the backend systems and accounts, not to run things on a daily basis, but to ensure continuity of service if I can't.

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Hey, I just wanted to say a quick to the recent Chinwag arrivals!

Chinwag's reason for existing is to provide communication tools for people, which is something I've always been interested in. I kind of target users, but welcome anyone from anywhere.

Please read our rules:

And our privacy policy:

There's a basic guide to using Chinwag Social here:

If you have any questions or concerns hit me up!

Been organising my "Permitted Worker" paperwork this morning. I want to get a big leather document folder for it so when I get to a checkpoint and they say "papers please!" I can pull it dramatically out of my overcoat and fiddle nervously with my hat while it's inspected.

First a bit of cleaning for good measure.

This thing is shielded pretty heavily, so before attempting to break into this clam I'll take it a spin in a C64 and see what happens...

#c64 #1764 #reu #retrocomputing

Matthias Pfefferle is the creator of a plug-in which lets you connect WordPress blogs to the Fediverse. You can follow here:

➡️ @pfefferle

You can find out more about ActivityPub For WordPress at

The plug-in lets people follow a WordPress blog from Mastodon or from any other Fediverse account, with new blog posts appearing to followers as toots.

#WordPress #ActivityPub #Fediverse #Blogs #Blogging #PlugIns #PlugIn #Mastodon #Pleroma #Friendica #Hubzilla

For some reason I just now realised that I could just go into the kitchen and make a big mug of hot chocolate if I wanted to.

Turns out it was a good idea!

This month's Music Bookclub album is "Punk​/​HC" (July 2020) by LAVAGE, a Brazilian punk band (suggestion by @mgrondin )

Let's have a listen or five and then get together over the weekend of 29-30 August to discuss.

XMPP room is open at (thanks to @mike)


It's a hell of a mess here, but my is now actually working as a terminal for my main PC so I've effectively got three monitors now. I'm so cool.

Do I still have to get a covid test if I'm experiencing a high temperature and a runny nose, but I just finished eating a curry?

Attempting to have a discussion about your instance's terms of service sure is a great way to identify the accounts of dickheads.

I'll have you know I spent MINUTES of work on this. MINUTES.

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After buying TikTok , Microsoft immediately rebrands it to bring this exciting new market segment they have acquired in line with corporate identity guidelines.

Australia Post just re-sent me a ton of notifications to me about a delivery that happened on Friday. I wonder if someone rebooted something that failed over the weekend.

Fox found with impressive shoe collection in Berlin - BBC News 

Eagerly awaiting someone taking all these pictures and using the distances and angles to locate my house.

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I'm learning my new limits, based on a 5km radius from home.

- It is permitted to touch the back wall of Bunnings
- There's a 7-11 in range
- I can drift out to sea a little
- Pie Face is no longer part of my world

Seems to be some confusion around about stage four restrictions, so let me clear some things up:

Fuck buddies: Allowed in both regional Victoria and Greater Melbourne.

Threesomes: Couples living together can invite a third, third must reside within 5km radius.

Foursomes and above: Banned, except for sharehouses.

Polyamory: Allowed within the same house. Participants living outside the main residence can visit but if more than a total of five in residence, two must be out exercising.

Gardens and lawn alternatives. AUS 

The ground is sadness of sunbaked sandy soil compacted to all buggery. Not even weeds will grow in the worst spots.

I want to aerate and regenerate the soil without excessive labour or the use of animal products (e.g. manure/blood and bone).

My thoughts are to lightly work the top of the soil, plant something like red clover that fixes nitrogen and flowers. Mulch it as needed and hope a return of insect life provides other nutrients over the years.


Rose and Violet enjoy the morning sun as they chew their cud, Rose on the throne and Violet on the deck below. Expecting quite a bit of rain this weekend, feeder bands from the hurricane on the other coast of Florida
#ヤギ #goats

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