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Mike's one piece of advice for new Mastodon users - dive into that Federated column and follow ANYONE and EVERYONE who looks like they've posted anything at all interesting to you. Just hammer the button. There's no penalty for mistakes. Go wild.

Later, when your Home timeline is buzzing, go in and unfollow people you decide you're not enjoying so much now.

Then do that again a few times. Then some more. Forever.

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Hi - please consider yourselves informed that @dolldolldoll is now your official "backup admin" if a hit-by-a-bus situation should occur - follow her main at @dolldolldoll if you want!

I've known Ivy for close to two decades now, we've co-sysadmined things previously and I vouch that you can trust her as you trust me.

Ivy will have access to all the backend systems and accounts, not to run things on a daily basis, but to ensure continuity of service if I can't.

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Hey, I just wanted to say a quick to the recent Chinwag arrivals!

Chinwag's reason for existing is to provide communication tools for people, which is something I've always been interested in. I kind of target users, but welcome anyone from anywhere.

Please read our rules:

And our privacy policy:

There's a basic guide to using Chinwag Social here:

If you have any questions or concerns hit me up!

People say that you shouldn't beat a dead horse. But me? I submit that it is the best time to do so, with the least chance of dangerous consequences

Did you know that you can just pour pancake batter into a sandwich toaster and nobody smashes their way into the kitchen and stops you?

Went to the Optus website to cancel my service and I think they know what's coming.

Before and after. Very clean job from the NBN techs. The lead-in runs up against the gas line that's already down the front. I'll plant something nice that'll climb a bit, I think.

I have BRAND NEW COPPER to my house! They did exactly the same amount of work that a FTTP connection would have required.

We're ON! I can actually UPLOAD THINGS! Speedtest results for new and old connection ...

2000s hackers: My dream is to connect all of my devices to the internet.
2020s hackers: My dream is to disconnect all of my devices from the internet.

If anyone's up for more detail, here's my stats page on FlightAware:

And also here's a photo of how hilariously dodgy the setup is right now. Everything's very cheap, but includes a GPS unit for time and location sync, running off a Pi Zero W. Consumes ludicrously small amounts of power.

He's now gone to help out a mate on a job in Altona somewhere and is coming back with said mate to help him here. Teamwork!

A bloke from the NBN has shown up, looked in dismay at the state of my copper and actually accepted my proposal of a new lead-in location, running it down the front of the house and punching through the front wall into the lounge room.

A bit unsightly from the street, but there's already a gas pipe in the same place, we'll run parallel to that and I'll put up a trellis and grow something over the top of it.

I'm not even super interested in planes but running an ADS-B receiver and seeing what's going over your house is kind of addictive.

I'm at home, during a "window" in which someone is supposed to arrive to do a job. That means it's time for several hundred rounds of everyone's favourite game, "Was That a Knock at the Door or Did a Cat Jump on Something?"

Today's contestant is Mike, whose hobbies include swearing at cats, opening the front door repeatedly, and wishing for death!

Let's go!

I have all the sources still, and would like to do higher res versions but it's all in Photoshop files I don't have tools for any more. Oh well.

I made these ages ago and like to bring them out when we get close to Christmas.

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