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I guess a new post is in order!

I'm Mike, I run lots of little services on the big, bad internet and they're mostly centered around , which I find is a pretty neat area.

Aside from that I'm into , , and - I run some open mic rooms in and dabble a little in standup myself.

Attached is a picture of my first ever appearance.


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Integrating proper DMs and chat on OStatus/ActivityPub SHOULD be done with XMPP.

Run prosody or some other XMPP server along with whatever other server, and then use any of the various webclients with BOSH as standard client. Hack your own Conversations for chat app, or integrate whatever dumbed-down c2s protocol you want to hack together if you can't be arsed to commit to the full XMPP c2s protocol.

Someone on this is eating something packed with Vegemite and I don't think it'd be too extreme a reaction to break a window to either a) let in some fresh air, or b) throw them and it out.

OK, the new #Mastodon admin only instance is now live at tootmin.network

If you're an instance admin, please drop me an email at invites@tootmin.network with your instance URL and username, I'll then review and get you an invite.

Please boost this toot, as the Tootmin Network will give us admins a place to collaborate and discuss Mastodon administration away from our respective instances.


Were #cassettes deliberately designed so that you could rewind them with a pencil or was that just a coincidence?

Finally got Macintosh Application Environment to work: Apple's official System 7.5 emulator for Solaris and HP-UX.

The original #Unreal is turning 20 and you can get it free and without DRM at gog.com/game/unreal_gold

This is a classic whose innovations are often overlooked.

It wasn't just the engine that was amazing, it was roguelike gameplay elements, environmental storytelling and sheer atmosphere that made it special.

Registration on gog.com is still required, but since it's DRM-free creating a throwaway account is an option.

Look, OF COURSE I'm opposed to slavery, and I KNOW forced labor is fundamentally evil, and YES it's wrong to hold people against their will if they've committed no crime. I AGREE! I am on your side on this matter. 100%!

But look, if that's what it takes to get another Portishead album ...

Hey has anyone documented the process you have taken to block these sign-up #bots?

Would be a super hero resource for newbie #mastoadmins?

And we're back up with only 15min of downtime.


#mastoadmin RFC Show more

I seem to be gaining a couple of registrations every hour or so.

Has anyone got any suggestions for managing this yet, aside from closing registrations completely?

"standing on the shoulders of giants"

This project would not be possible without the pioneering work of evanp and @cwebber along with @Gargron and @mmn and many others!

I really look forward to the May 31st beta launch of pixelfed.org

Wow, here's some - Eudora client source code released under license.


I was pretty much fully invested in the ecosystem back in the 90s and jumped onto Outlook Express for everything from the moment it existed, but I did plenty of time with Eudora like pretty much everyone else on the planet back then, and remember it fondly.

Mainboard and keyboard embedded in concrete... #IT

I know there was a before-time when I couldn't just curl up on the couch and watch Parks and Recreation when I felt miserable, and I can't imagine how I ever coped.