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Refreshing my for new folks!

I run and provide free and open communication tools for everyone.

I have and a bunch of issues around and a dash of just for fun!

On the less serious side, I have been know to perform stand-up and do a fun quiz show with @ThePingMachine and my kid.

I'm an older guy and was a sysop back in the 90s. I was once described by a millennial as "like, 40 but not creepy at all."

If you want more, see my profile!

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Keep seeing comments from people along the lines of trying to get "how Mastodon works" and my advice is just relax. Mistakes are cool and normal!

Also loud shouty people may come at you for doing things "wrong" but their rules are not necessarily yours and that's ok. It's hard to go really wrong if you're not a terrible person.

Folks get very protective of their communities. Things will settle. Ask for advice freely but don't assume the first answer is the only one.

Breathe. You're OK here.

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Hi, new Chinwag arrivals! Been a while since I refreshed the pinned welcome post, so here we go!

First, welcome! Second, Chinwag is more of a community than a service. We're pretty chill and open, but the happiness of our current regular users is more important than future growth.

Our admins are moderately left-leaning by Australian standards, so if you're an American you'll probably think we're godless communists bent on destroying society. Just fair warning.

Please post pics of your cats.

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Hey, I just wanted to say a quick to the recent Chinwag arrivals!

Chinwag's reason for existing is to provide communication tools for people, which is something I've always been interested in. I kind of target users, but welcome anyone from anywhere.

Please read our rules:

And our privacy policy:

There's a basic guide to using Chinwag Social here:

If you have any questions or concerns hit me up!

In an unexpected turn, we've found ourselves blocking the official #RaspberryPi instance today, basically until they put an adult in charge of it.

If anyone really wants to learn how a relatively beloved and respected brand can burn a staggering amount of good will in record time, @aurynn has written up a very good case study of the event:

Opening up Google and searching images for "traffic lights" to see how they like it for a change.

@aurynn moves fast; not even 24 hours have passed since the Raspberry Pi Fediverse Brand Implosion and she's already written this up as a case study.

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Question about job-hunting in Australian arts/creative industries, can someone on boost this so it's on your local feed pls 

This is half an actual job hunt question and half a rant so apologies for the not so professional wording.

In recent years I've noticed that in my job-hunting in the arts I keep getting into like the Top 2/Top 5 candidates, but I keep being told that my interviews & applications were perfect, they just wanted someone "with more specific experience" - particularly more "specific leadership experience" (even in jobs that never stated that as a requirement).

What I've found however is that the people who get the jobs have done much the same things I have - the difference is that they did it as an Artistic Director of a small company they founded. Meanwhile, a lot of my work tends to fall into the following buckets:

- Independently led, so not under a company structure, just me in my sole trader form (but me leading the project anyway)
- part of a collective that didn't really have any hierarchy, often one I didn't start, though I did have a lot of decision making power (in many cases, I ended up being the main or only person with that power)
- I ended up doing work that should have been the job of the Director (or the person who could be called Director in more unstructured settings) but my actual job title doesn't reveal that because it wasn't a part of my original job description, I just had to step in for whatever reason
- the person that would be more recognised as Director gave me a lot of free reign and was very hands-off

(Tell me why my first ever university internship involved writing a whole-ass cultural diversity strategy for a youth arts organisations, mostly on my own and with hardly any training, but I can't parlay it because this was 2008 & the org doesn't exist anymore & also who the hell expects that from a university student)

Like a lot of it is the same sort of work that these Artistic Directors are doing! It's just not under a specific company that I named myself Artistic Director for!

I've had other people who have helped me with job apps be like "but you also did the thing that they said the other candidate did, you have the same experience, so I don't see why that'd be the issue". And the job title thing seems to be the main difference. (Also that they're almost always white but that's a whole separate conversation)

Is there a way to effectively communicate "look don't let the job title fool you, these projects wouldn't exist without me"? I try to bring it up in my resume/cover letter/selection criteria but the only time "Artistic Director" gets mentioned is in relation to ACNH Fringe and I'm not sure that's quite enough.

Do I just literally start a company (paying ASIC $216 and all), call myself Artistic Director, and just claim all my stuff under that? "Artistic Director, Creatrix Tiara Productions"? It'd be intellectually dishonest (especially for stuff that was part of a pre-existing group) but at the same time it seems ridiculous that everything seems to be resting on legal corporate structure of all things.

(It's either that or time travel to 2009 and pester Australian immigration about not getting me trapped in 5 years of bridging visa limbo because those lost years of no jobs and no gov support of any kind is _still_ haunting me despite all my work in making the best of my circumstances. Or maybe just skipping Australia entirely and moving to the US way back when because wow H1-Bs may be strict with what jobs qualify but it was WAAAAAAAAAY easier for me to get interviews for high ranking jobs even with way less experience than I do now)

Clearly I'm missing something in my apps - is this it? Is this the hack? Just call myself "Artistic Director" of some arbitrary company I founded and channel all my work through that???

hey everyone using our hardware for plex, sonarr, radarr, and other tools adjacent to piracy. hey everyone running their home automation because you don't trust ring and google backdooring to LE & agencies. guess what? check out this AWESOME ACTUAL POLICE PERSON we hired!

So given we've spent most of the last couple of days spinning a new @raspberry_pi instance, I guess it's #Introduction time.

I'm Liz. I'm a founder of #RaspberryPi, and I'm Chief Marketing and Communications officer here: if you see our company producing anything with words, pictures or video in it, my sticky fingers have had some involvement. I'm a former award-winning journalist and editor. I make things, I usually have paint stains somewhere, and I have a pointed dislike of rules.

I'm doing out of hours network maintenance for my day job tomorrow, so I don't even get to TGIF today. Please do extra on my behalf when you clock off today, comrades.

I get a bunch of TGIF-in-lieu in January though, so that'll rock. 😁

When I was in college i got into flight simulators for a minute, and discovered there was a whole community of people who roleplay as air traffic controllers on a multiplayer version of MS flight simulator. There was specialized radar and comms software and you could sign up for classes where you learned real-world lingo and techniques for directing air traffic. I tried it for a couple weeks and realized it was basically "having a stressful job" as a hobby

anyway now I'm a moderator on mastodon

some #RaspberryPi alternatives for you to consider for your projects (all should be as performant or better):
• Asus Tinker Board:
• Banana Pi:
• Pine64:

Chinwag has suspended communication with the instance until they put an adult in charge of it.

For anyone shocked by the behaviour of the current Raspberry Pi Fediverse account maintainer, please let the Raspberry Pi main sites know about it: (this is the foundation that designs and makes it, contact them first as they are less likely to know that this is happening.) (this is the commercial company that markets the products)

Let them know how badly this is tarnishing them.


Social Media, "Brands", speculation 

Maybe today was a great demonstration of why "Brands™️" should not act like "Brands™️" here on Mastodon?

Perhaps - and this is *my* pure speculation - "social media managers" have become a self-selected group oriented toward "outrage as lifestyle", and that doesn't work here the same way as on other platforms?

Added to the "Blocked by Raspberry Pi" party, this dude right here who's been championing their boards for the past decade.

The post they blocked me for:

nswpol, unions 

At the launch of Essential Workers Deserve Better campaign by Unions NSW.
Please do check it out. So many industries are crumbling and solidarity among workers is the best thing we can use.

When he saw a family taking a photo of their young son in front of the fire truck, he jumped out and let them get a photo with the boy sitting inside. What a nice person.

A person seeking asylum is 60-70% less likely to be accepted as a refugee without a lawyer. Donate to our Asylum Seeker Resource Centre #Christmas Appeal & give people a fighting chance at freedom:

We need feet on the ground tonight! If you have people in Melbourne who can help out please send them this poster.

We can't allow these fascists to harass and attack queer artists and scar children who will be there for a show.

If you cant be there in person boost for someone who can.


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