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Hi, new Chinwag arrivals! Been a while since I refreshed the pinned welcome post, so here we go!

First, welcome! Second, Chinwag is more of a community than a service. We're pretty chill and open, but the happiness of our current regular users is more important than future growth.

Our admins are moderately left-leaning by Australian standards, so if you're an American you'll probably think we're godless communists bent on destroying society. Just fair warning.

Please post pics of your cats.

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Hi - please consider yourselves informed that @dolldolldoll is now your official "backup admin" if a hit-by-a-bus situation should occur - follow her main at @dolldolldoll if you want!

I've known Ivy for close to two decades now, we've co-sysadmined things previously and I vouch that you can trust her as you trust me.

Ivy will have access to all the backend systems and accounts, not to run things on a daily basis, but to ensure continuity of service if I can't.

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Hey, I just wanted to say a quick to the recent Chinwag arrivals!

Chinwag's reason for existing is to provide communication tools for people, which is something I've always been interested in. I kind of target users, but welcome anyone from anywhere.

Please read our rules:

And our privacy policy:

There's a basic guide to using Chinwag Social here:

If you have any questions or concerns hit me up!

Finally happy now that my newest computer can run software from my oldest one.

frank herbert's visionary 1960 novel dares to ask the question: what if crude oil could get you high

Did my supermarket run at 10pm. There was hardly anyone else there, but beyond that it just felt so naughty to be out after curfew.

10/10 would recommend

I just stopped half way through the latest episode of Foundation when I had the realisation that I barely was following it and just didn't care.

I found the series really hard to follow at the beginning and I think my brain has just shut down now.

Oh god yes I can go to the supermarket at 11pm again!

Popped out the back during my lunch break to do a bit of work on the today. I sanded back the putty where I'd repaired the damage from drilling out some stripped screws and gave it a quick coat of linseed oil.

I was hating working from home today until I just saw my train line has just been shut down because a truck driver didn't read a bridge clearance sign.

One day I will learn. Never ask two questions in one email.

I heard Meech's crunchies bowl being accessed, so I went to say hi and it was not Meech. I think the boy may be too well fed if the local birds are getting this cocky.

Starting the day debugging weird networking issues has not been good for my brain. I like a bit of time to work up to these things.

Oh, you'll never guess. It was DNS. Who'd have thought?

I heard there was a secret code,
That David typed, and it fixed the Lord's
VPN latency issues.

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"I was speaking to a colleague who had this same problem and the technician put in a code that fixed it. Can't you just do that?"

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