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I have been thinking about "Weimar Republic Inflation" a lot recently. That was not a good time.

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Our doggie looking out pensively at the snow last week. She was a rescue and is probably around 3 or 4 years old. I am sure it was the first time she had ever seen snow and started to tremble at first sight of it covering the ground when I took her out. She is good with it now.

I have been thinking about "stagflation" a lot recently. That was not a good time.

The end of a winter storm here is punctuated with a car wash. The waiting cars to one wash were literally lined down the street and through the parking lot yesterday. Overall, I found people were surprisingly well behaved on their first day out and around after 8 days of ice/snow, freezing temps, rolling power outages, cabin fever, plumbing/heating failures, food shortages (hoarding/supply chain breakdown), etc. The property damage from broken water pipes is astounding.

Watch "M.C. Escher: Journey into Infinity Trailer #1 (2021) | Movieclips Indie" on YouTube

This should be awesome. The work of M.C. Escher immediately has captivated me from the instant I set my eyes on it in my youth!

The soft blanket of snow this morning ended up melting throughout the day into a mottled, muddy mess mixed with remnants of snow, ending one of the biggest winter storms on record for us. Now to get everyone's power and plumbing restored and to assess the damages.

Ready to leave for work in the snow this morning... What a crazy winter storm for us.

I am on the patio listening to the dripping sounds of the snow melting while watching the light patterns and warm.and cool colors change in front of me over time. It feels crisp and refreshingly good out here right now.

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*Sharing Your Work*

Write late at night
While far out of sight.
Rhyme in the morning
No need for warning.

Paint using digits
Or with acrylic wet bits.
Sing in the shower,
Yes, at any hour!

Sew straight or in a curve.
Macrame often; do it with verve.
Capture beauty on film
Dawn shots of the hills, hmm?

Whatever your art needs,
Done quietly alone, or
Prompted by news feeds,
Share what you can;
It's the "Fediverse Plan".


Cold here with a winter storm in the forecast. This is an anomaly here and people lose their wits coping.

Record cold and possible snow/sleet/freezing rain forecast here, never a good thing in this land built around hot weather and uncold.

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@thor The Windows Vista notes sound like the intro to a horror film for me. They make me shudder at the thought of what will happen next.

BBC News: Swedish Covid nurse to watch entire film festival alone in lighthouse
BBC News - Swedish Covid nurse to watch entire film festival alone in lighthouse

This sounds like a well earned and devine reward.

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Here is some AI-edited retro data-center porn, though some other type of reels also sneaked into the mix.

Song: Hot Mess by R3BEL-1

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Maybe I am just jaded, but I feel when someone cries for any reason when a politician wins an election that the office they will be filling has far too much power.

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