My weekly "Coffee Salute to the Daybreak" this morning. I am now on my 3rd cup and thinking about all my ancestors who carried on, beyond their daybreak, who made this moment and unique coffee salute today possible!

My Mint plant, looking happy outside in the Spring weather, after being held captive indoors under a plant light during the Winter weather months.

Sitting outside with doggie, enjoying the warm sunlight and Spring weather!

Coffee at daybreak brewed with manually ground, dark roast coffee beans. This is a nice peaceful way to start a day off on the outdoor patio after a hectic week of people chaos and mayhem.

My dark roast, strong black coffee this morning paired with some dark chocolate, only the best of ways to start a Sunday for me.

A picture I took of some nice cloud formations here a little while back.

A badly need cup of strong black coffee at daybreak this morning, given the semi rough week/month/YTD it has been. It helped!

The shadows on the ground as I walked to my car the day of the North American solar eclipse on August 21, 2017.

A picture I took of the Galveston Seawall a few years after Hurricane Ike over-topped it.

Eating delicious delivered Chinese Food just now with made in USA chopsticks I ordered online. Great social distancing/quarantine activity!

Our doggie looking out pensively at the snow last week. She was a rescue and is probably around 3 or 4 years old. I am sure it was the first time she had ever seen snow and started to tremble at first sight of it covering the ground when I took her out. She is good with it now.

The end of a winter storm here is punctuated with a car wash. The waiting cars to one wash were literally lined down the street and through the parking lot yesterday. Overall, I found people were surprisingly well behaved on their first day out and around after 8 days of ice/snow, freezing temps, rolling power outages, cabin fever, plumbing/heating failures, food shortages (hoarding/supply chain breakdown), etc. The property damage from broken water pipes is astounding.

The soft blanket of snow this morning ended up melting throughout the day into a mottled, muddy mess mixed with remnants of snow, ending one of the biggest winter storms on record for us. Now to get everyone's power and plumbing restored and to assess the damages.

Ready to leave for work in the snow this morning... What a crazy winter storm for us.

I am on the patio listening to the dripping sounds of the snow melting while watching the light patterns and warm.and cool colors change in front of me over time. It feels crisp and refreshingly good out here right now.

Had some bleeding issues in my right eye obscuring my vision. The eyepatch helped me focus and read with my good eye. Interestingly, my small phone/screen and apps worked well and felt more user friendly over the last 5 days while wearing the eyepatch than did my eReaders, tablets, laptops and desktop.

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