An odd looking bloke standing on Tyabb platform just threw a toaster at our train as we went past.

@koosli I've seen all sorts of things thrown at trains but this is my first toaster.

@koosli @matt this was the first question that came to my mind also.

Also was it a kinda sling-like toss by the power cord or just a general freehand throw?

@mike @koosli It was a white two slice toaster propelled towards the train shotput style. We can't find the toaster in the wagons so will keep an eye out for it on the way home.

@koosli @matt I do as well, I don't think it'd have the mass for that style of throw to work well. I'd definitely have swung it by the cord to get some good momentum going before release.

Props for not wasting a decent toaster though.

@mike @matt brb, heading out to Tyabb with a loaf of fruit bread

@mike @koosli Swinging by the cord would be my choice too. I'm not sure how much planning old mate put into it. Then again, he *was* waiting at a platform with a toaster.

@matt @koosli he might have rocked up first thing in the morning with an entire kitchen, for all we know.

@mike @koosli We're wondering if he'll be waiting with a kettle on our way back.

@matt @koosli if you have the ability to arrange it and he's still there, you'd pretty much become the champions of the encounter if you threw a bit of toast back at him.

@mike @matt just FYI you can get 1kg tubs of peanut butter at Coles nowadays

@mike @koosli No sign of old mate but the slightly damaged toaster was there.

@mike @koosli @matt

it's not that far, but the sun is going down and if there's buggers chucking toasters at trains down that way, god knows what they'll be wielding at night.

@Nikolai_Kingsley @mike @koosli Just on the Hastings side of the Tyabb platform if anyone is looking for it. It looked like one of the corners had been damaged.

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@matt @koosli
is that an Australian tradition? Throwing stuff at trains?

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