I've seen two wombats today. I reckon wombats are alright.

@matt the most terrifying wildlife encounter I've ever had was with a wombat.

I was hiking to the lighthouse at Wilsons Prom, on the final bit of the trail which is very narrow, very uneven, and along the side of a pretty big drop.

A bloody huge wombat was sitting in the middle of the path. It started coming towards me. I had about 18kg on my back, and I had nowhere to go. Scary thoughts until it decided to ascend through the scrub at the last minute.

Cute though!

@mike That's where I am. Haven't had any scares from them yet.

@matt ok I'm very jealous right now, I haven't been down there for over a year, maybe two. Totally overdue for a bit of a stroll! Enjoy!

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