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As the dog is an essential worker she went to work today. It's weird when she's not here and also inconvenient not knowing when other dogs dare to walk past our house.

Just here to say I like the Firefox update.

It's just before 4am, I just got to Dimboola and there's a rooster close by that is up very early.

covid, melbourne 

This lockdown better be over by the time I start my annual leave in less than 3 weeks time or I'm going to lose it. I couldn't handle 2 years in a row being locked up for my holidays!

For the first time ever I had a delivery stolen from my doorstep yesterday morning. It was there for less than an hour. The most annoying part is now I won't be able to get things left on my dorrstep any more


And they give you a fucking DEADLINE to do their job for them. Fuck property managers.

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Our property manager booked in the first inspection here since we moved in about 3 weeks ago. There was an automatic reminder last Friday. Both emails "encouraged me to be there". This morning, 3 hours before the appointment time, they sent an email saying that due to safety concerns they'll be doing a "virtual inspection" by getting us to do it. Like fuck they will. Virtual inspections are just a way for property managers to dodge work and I won't be doing their fucking job for them.

Immigration Detention 

$3.4 million dollars a year per person for people to live in terrible conditions and make their lives a misery.

Pinebook Pro AU power supply 

What are you other Australian Pinebook Pro people doing for a power supply?


I'm on the Overland for the first time since December 2019 today. All stations to Southern Cross. This is the only passenger train job on our current roster. Hopefully I haven't forgotten how to drive it. 😀 @austrains

Train oops 

This happened this morning at Bomen a bit north of Wagga. Drivers are OK. I''m tipping that I won't be going to Junee for at least a few days. Nice that it's not our mob for a change!


Novelty big things 

Currently at work thinking about better times and large fruit.

Loan Application 

Bank person: Do you have any assets?

Me: <Points at all the Lego>

Dog Boarding Melbourne? 

We're (hopefully) going away the week after Easter and have to leave the doggo behind. Can anyone in Melbourne recommend boarding kennels or a pet minding service for a completely over indulged chihuahua?

Work, photo 

My mate took this yesterday morning while we were sitting at Wallan. The company photo competition is starting soon so he's been taking a few lately. @austrains

Work, Video 

There's some serious work going on in the Bunbury St tunnel at the moment. Apparently it's going to be happening for the the next few months. I took a short video as we went though this morning.

Work videos 

Second one is taken not too far from the first. Here we're travelling through Albury and across the border into Victoria.


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Work videos 

I took a couple of videos yesterday on my way home from Junee. First one is going through Ettamogah where work is nearly finished on extending the siding:



I started playing Stardew Valley yesterday and it was a mistake.

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