I'd like to measure how much juice a fridge we have is using. Anyone have a suggestion of a device that can monitor its energy usage?

Update: Between posting this and making it to the driveway the mystery bin mover had done their work.

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In other news - the random stranger who brings our bins up the driveway and leaves them by our garage hasn't done it today so I guess I'll have to do it myself.

After 3 weeks off I have to go back to work on Friday and I'm sad about it.

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Conspiracy theories used to be fun! Now everyone is freaking out about everything all at once | First Dog on the Moon | Opinion | The Guardian 

Volunteering to be quiz master seemed like a good idea at the time.

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Hey! It's Chinwag's birthday! :toot:

On May 13, five years ago, chinwag.im was launched to serve as an example for a "how to set up an server" tutorial and that service has been online ever since.

We added some more stuff along the way, too! No plans to go anywhere!

Just had my first consult with my GP via phone and it was pretty good.

I launched an unofficial workplace forum yesterday afternoon. I was told that very few people would use it but in less than 24 hours over 50% of the people I invited have signed up. Hopefully it translates to a few people actually using it!

The new space I've created by the window is proving very popular.

covid test result 

This just occurred to me - who owns Netflix?

Currently watching Cooked with Cannabis on Netflix. I like it.

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Have you seen fire flies in real life?
please boost. :)

Covid-19, work 

Wandering around the Bluescope grounds at Westernport and came across some cool fungus.

The dog has a new jacket but she reckons she can't move with it on.

I didn't know Blazing Saddles is a musical.

Now have the Nvidia drivers working. This is quite a good little machine for it's age.

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