My shift at 1000 Boxing Day has been cancelled...and replaced by a shift at 0600 instead. 😔

Christmas week roster is coming out this afternoon. I'm crossing my fingers for some cancellations.

An 0600 start after 5 days off. 😑

I took a photo at work the other day. 2PM6 waiting around at Westmere.

Our current electricity provider sent me an email informing me that they are increasing their charges by about 20%. I rang them but they weren't interested in giving me a better price so less than an hour later I have a new provider lined up.

Do any other users have issues with emoji? I can only see the unique emoji for an instance when I'm composing a Toot. I've tries changing emoji sets and restarting Tusky. Might have to reinstall to see if it fixes it.

I can hear doof, doof coming from the showgrounds.

Puppy is back from the vet after her surgery and is feeling a bit worse for wear.

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This thread is now the definitive "Why you should join Chinwag" example to show people.

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An odd looking bloke standing on Tyabb platform just threw a toaster at our train as we went past.

Puppy still isn't 100% after the sedation the other day. I don't know what they gave her but it certainly didn't agree with her digestive system.

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I fully intend to apply for this position.

Swedish art project Eternal Employment will pay someone to do nothing for life - The Washington Post

Pupper booked in for hip surgery next Thursday. Given the amount of runny poo everywhere this morning after yesterday's anaesthetic I'm not looking forward to next Friday.

X-rays have revealed the dog wasn't faking her limp. She needs an operation to remove nodules on her hip (or something).

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Facebook's domination of social contact is like having friends who'll only talk to you if you sit in a bathtub full of shit with them.

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A trick for spreading engagement: boost responses to your own toots, particularly for good discussions. Those will help others find the discussion, and give visibility to the participants.

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