Got to Junee 2.5 hours early which is good.

Outgoing crew not available for 2 hours which is bad.

We get to sit across the road from our favourite Junee pub while we wait.

@mike @koosli @Andrea I took it surprisingly hard. I thought I'd be a reasonably strong candidate for the position due to my varied experience which, to me, fitted the job description pretty well. To get rejected at the first stage with an email from a nameless HR drone floored me.But... I've had a snooze, beer and played computer games for many hours since then so I'm alright. 🙂

Just got home from working all night and received a rejection email for a job I really wanted. Worst part is there's no beer here.

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It does mean that I'm making a special guest appearance in Junee.

Had just hit snooze at 0500 when work rang to offer me an extra hour and a half in bed. I said yes of course.

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@mike knowing that my behavioral data allows them to create content optimised for addiction-like consumption is what did it for me

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@mike I hear you, but what I was referring to goes beyond recommendations.

They know for each TV series at what episode the majority of viewers stop watching. They know for each episode when people pause or when they stop watching. They can then deduce what events need to happen at what moment to keep you watching.

Given that they create their own content, I'd say we have a bit of a conflict of interest.

That's not art, that's organised addiction enabling.

I'm not helping them.

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Is the on the Fediverse? I think it would be a very good medium for the party. @rolaveric

Day 11 at work. Sitting in the loop at Laverton for three hours waiting for space in the yard. Days off start when we get in. There's a lot of grumpiness in this cab.

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Why do anarchists only drink herbal tea?

Because proper tea is theft.

My workmate who eats about 3 kebabs a week baulked at my Kit Kat purchase because 'Halal tax'.

Was about to head out the door to walk into town and it started seriously raining in Dimboola for the first time since I got caught in a storm on the way to the pub that was closed.

Down to my last two shifts of 11 days at work in a row. Heading to Dimboola tonight for a change so that's nice. Really looking forward to my 5 days off!

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Erika found this election guide and it is the greatest thing ever:

The wife's new phone arrived yesterday but it has a locked bootloader and I don't like it.

So I signed up for Postcrossing and now I need to find a place to buy postcards.

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The #Strike against #uber and #Lyft on the 8th of May will hit cities like New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and Los Angeles, among others. There are also reports from London groups organizing for action on the day of Uber's IPO (Initial Public Offering: when a Company first sells shares on the stock market), and more cities from around the world are joining.

The demands (as listed by the organizers at Gig Workers Rising include:

+ Living wage: Uber and Lyft must pay drivers a livable hourly rate (after expenses).

+ Transparency: Clear policies on wages, tips, fare breakdowns and deactivations.

+ Benefits: Such as disability, workers comp, retirement, health care, death benefits, and paid time off.

+ Voice at work: A recognized independent worker organization, the freedom to stand together without fear of retaliation and a fair and transparent process for deactivations.

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