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This method of distribution isn't very efficient.

The Victorian government should just post some RATs to every household and be done with it.

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People are getting very grumpy in the RAT pick up queue at the showgrounds today. Quite a bit of swearing, car horns and even some shouting of the c word at each other.


Any Melbourne Fedipeople interested in a cat carrier suitable for aircraft transport of your beloved feline?

It appears the Victorian government has found themselves some RATS and you can pick them up from Gate 7 at the showgrounds. Not too busy in the morning but the line is pretty long by afternoon. If you're going to come and pick one up I can give you a live traffic update if need be. :)

I'm actually looking forward to being the Fediverse's Narrabri correspondent.

Happy New Year everyone!

For the second year in a row I've seen the first sunrise of the year while heading back to Melbourne on a train. It's quite fitting that it's my last job working out of Melbourne. I'm looking forward to seeing what this year brings.

I'd like to know what happened to warrant these signs being all over the toilets at the Junee RSL. They weren't here last time.

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Pinebook Pro 

Dear Fediverse. What's currently the best OS for the PBP?

I've just discovered that I don't currently own a pair of thongs. This is a disaster.


I run a small web hosting business with a mate. All of our customers are family and friends. I'm currently find out how fucking long it takes to copy the disk image over from the OVH NAS.

Looks like it's going to be a cracking day. We're just out of Maroona heading for Melbourne.


It was a beautiful day for a drive in the countryside.

Train photo 

The Savannahlander in front of Stoney Creek falls.

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Train photo 

Looking very dry in Lappa as the Savannalander stops to make a call and have a look at the Espanol Hotel.

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Train photo 

I'm sick of trying to set up Nextcloud so looking through old photos instead. Here's a photo of the Savannahlander stopped on the Newcastle range near Forsayth so we can have a look a a drill rig next to the line.

Having 20kg taken off your neck after two years must feel pretty weird.

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Home NAS OS recommendations? 

I'm wondering if I should return to FreeNAS.

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Home NAS OS recommendations? 

The OS on my home NAS has gone pear shaped and it looks like I'll have to reinstall the OS. I was running OMV on it. Can any of you tech savvy types recommend an alternative that has a web gui and can mount ZFS?

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