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A trick for spreading engagement: boost responses to your own toots, particularly for good discussions. Those will help others find the discussion, and give visibility to the participants.

Currently setting up my mother-in-law's first ever smartphone. Any tips for setting up a device for an older person?

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Two months’ notice is a very long time during the two months just saying.

BMX Bandits, Spoiler Alert 

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The dog is going to the vet for a sore leg. I reckon she's faking it.

Just got an email from Australia Post telling me my package that was lodged at a post office 12 km away on Thursday is "unlikely to be delivered today". The last package I got from the UK arrived quicker than that.

Work is issuing us all with iPhones. I'm suspicious.

Our landlord is selling this house and I just had a visit from the agent, assistant agent, a copywriter, painter and floorplan fella. It's annoying and intrusive especially when you have a dog that isn't on the lease. 😮

The most interesting part was when the agent came out with some thinly veiled threats of getting us kicked out when I said we wouldn't be agreeing to open inspections.

Just setting up another phone with GrapheneOS. It's @Funkpirata's fault.

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this is not a cursed take 

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Fedi generation poll, boost for maximimun demographic analysis

I've seen two wombats today. I reckon wombats are alright.

Currently at West Cairns bowls club. There's a lot of bowling action going on. I haven't ever watched bowls before but I'm finding these blokes pretty entertaining.

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In other important news - our recycling bin has gone missing again.

I didn't win Powerball last night so I guess I'd better go to work tonight.

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