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TIL: that the Melbourne/Victoria public transport system has commissioned its own typeface for signage, joining the ranks of cities like London and Paris:

I was trying to take a photo of Katniss's head'

Luckily their mobile web site is OK.

My internet banking app has stopped working since the last update. It will start but crashes after about 10 seconds.

I just realised I don't remember his name. Best ask the missus before they turn up.

I'm off the grog at the moment and have to go out with the daughter and her new boyfriend tonight and its going to be horrible.

I purchased 2 (two) kilos of licorice at the Junee licorice factory today and I regret nothing.

Animal trafficking 

Shitty old bank building with dodgy looking kitchen and bathroom? $450 a week thanks.

I'm sick of looking at rental properties around here so now looking at Junee instead. They're much cheaper but a the prices seem a little random.

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Deffo is the latest member of the Chinwag family.

If you want to share public events, we want to help make that easy for you, without requiring you to be tracked or spammed mercilessly.

It's a work in progress, but functional right now! Give it a go!

@Funkpirata Have you noticed any GPS issues with your phone since the latest GrapheneOS update? My Pixel 2 is now having a hard time getting a GPS lock.

This is a thing I can get behind - boycotting News Limited papers and web assets. I'm tempted to use a Murdoch DNS block list to do it for my entire network.

A very late running Overland heading through Gheringhap last Friday. 8171 is on the lead as NR12 failed departing Dimboola. Not my video because I'm driving.

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Hey folks, I've added a bunch of the state-based feeds and the climate statements feed from the Bureau of Meteorology to so you can follow them from the fediverse.


If anyone has any other RSS feeds they'd like to see I'm kinda promoting this server from "experimental" to "testing".

info by preference, but not exclusively.

Just got a billing reminder from the gas supplier that I was sure that I'd paid. Which I had - to the old electricity supplier.

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