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I had an appointment at the community solar company in town today to talk about my solar system. It was a really positive experience. They talked me out if buying anything. I went for my first ever ride in a Tesla and was offered a drive but WTF you only just met me.

They're working on a really exciting community battery project which at some stage I agreed to get involved with. It was nice to meet some like minded people.


Apparently we get the "August Winds" around here and I reckon they've arrived. 🌬️


Today we were meant to be loading a train Beanbri but everybody changed their mind at the last minute so we've just relieved a crew at Burren Junction. We only have to take this the hour or so back to Narrabri but there's some trackworkers doing some rare maintenance out here so we're staying put for a while. The previous crew were waiting here for 7 hours. Hopefully we're home it that amount of time. 😃

I ended up using Asunder to rip the CDs and Picard to do tags and filenames. Picard works really well.

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I'm trying to rip a CD for the first time in many years. What do we use these days?

Plane Spotting's reappeared on FlightAware. Looks like it's on it's way back south now.

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Plane Spotting 

I just happened to be looking at ADSB tracking because @mike convinced me I need to set up a tracker and an RAAF AWACS 737 was looking like it was heading this way. It turns out it was and it arrived very low going very slowly with it's wheels down and did a lap of the Narrabri airport and a final approach before heading off into parts unknown.

I'm "working" from home for the seventh day in a row. Latest news is that the flood damaged railway line won't be open until Tuesday. I'm looking forward to going back to the "office" because there's way too much to do around here.

Good evening Fediverse. Any vampire movie recommendations?

I should have mentioned that we're currently watching Splash.

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I think Splash is the worst movie I've seen with Tom Hanks in it.

Today is my first sick day I've had in years where I'm actually sick and it feels like such a waste.

My parents arrived from Adelaide yesterday and decided it was a good opportunity to deliver some of the stuff that I left at their place about 30 years ago. Amongst the stuff was my Game and Watch collection. I haven't got any batteries for them but I'm pretty keen to play some Oil Panic.

My Space Karen internet connection is a bit flakey tonight which makes me wish there was some sort of technology that could replace the copper wire connected to my house that provided some sort of network connectivity.

My parents are planning a road trip to come and visit us in Narrabri for the first time.

I've taken a sickie tomorrow so don't have to work until Friday. Pretty relaxed Sunday feels going on.

Does anyone one on the Fediverse know how use less shit software with older Sonos speakers?

I didn't know leather pants were still a thing.

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