One of the best things about being in South Australia is that they know how to make proper pasties here.

Just watched Jacinda Adern's speech to parliament today. She's the sort of leader every country needs.

I'm currently at the Uradlia Hotel in the Adelaide hills for the first time in 20 years. They have 10 locally brewed beers on tap. I'm working my way from left to right.

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This is a good thing that some good people have been working to get off the ground for a while now. I'm glad it's finally live.

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if you're a wizard then all your hats are wizard hats

@mike Are you doing the AirBnB thing with your Halls Gap place yet?

I wish the Halls Gap pub wasn't so far out of town.

Just booked a motel over the phone and I think it's the most trouble I've ever had getting someone to spell my 4 letter surname correctly.

Back in Melbourne for a day then off on a road trip. I like holidays. 😃

The tip shop in Cairns is serious about safety.

Except for the sandflies. I don't miss the sandflies.

I'm in Cairns and it's hot and rainy.

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Day 3 of my holidays. I might leave the house today.

Two more shifts then 3+ weeks off!

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