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Feels like a long time since I had an early-o-clock start. 😑

Work, Microsoft 

Yammer has to be the second most annoying part of the MS ecosystem that my employer uses. The only people who post to it are managers, marketing or people sucking up to managers.

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one estimate suggests that around half of all data center energy usage is now tied to Bitcoin mining

futher, the energy consumption of Bitcoin is more than the combined energy use of Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Apple

if bitcoin were a country, it is estimated to place approximately 26th as the most energy hungry nation

all this while adding nothing of value to society


My daughter picked up Thorn today. She found home a few weeks ago in a bush next door to our old place. Apparently pet adoptions are an essential service. He's a cute little fella.


My workmate was experimenting with some night photography while we were sitting around at Gerogery for ages last night. I reckon this one came out well. @austrains

I'm in Junee where a thunderstorm is going on and it's bucketing down with rain and it's lovely to be cozy in bed. However I'll have to start work in a hour or so and walk to the station which won't be so fun.


Handed back the keys to the old place yesterday afternoon. Got an email an hour ago saying the return of our bond had been approved. I wonder if they even looked at the place.


The NBN installer couldn't connect up the phone socket next to my router etc yesterday so had to enable the socket in the kitchen for the FTTC connection. I had some Ethernet over Power adaptors that I thought would be able to connect the router to the FTTC NTD. I was wrong. Download speeds through the EOP are about 12 Mbit on a 100 Mbit connection. Upload is fine mind you.

Current solution is a 25m cable running from kitchen upstairs but I don't know if it will pass final approval. 😮

The NBN is being connected here some time betwee 1 and 5 today. I was surprised that there's still properties around that aren't connected.

Looking forward to having real internet again!

Gratuitous cat belly courtesy of a very relaxed Jinx.

Dog drama, swearing 

The dog escaped from our new yard while we went to the supermarket last night and went on an adventure. She was seen by a neighbour heading towards the racecourse. I had no idea how fucking huge that place is. Anyway, after walking and driving around for hours we finally found her when she barked to answer one of our calls. She has zero road sense so I was very relieved (and surprised ) that she didn't get squished.

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Screenshotting this because oh my god it's so bad it's poetry.

Bicycle Meme, work, swearing 

This really the PN management strategy.

Mail server, Microsoft, swearing. 

My mail server is blocked by Microsoft's free email services again. I really don't understand why they ban blocks of IPv4 addresses these days given the high probability of false positives. I really can't be fucked going through the unblocking process again but have to until I can convince my MIL to move from her Hotmail address.


I've worked 12 out of the last 13 days and now have 3 days off and a house to pack up. 😔


Our CEO announced his retirement today and nobody cared.

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#Google starts to lock out non-official Chrome builds like #Chromium. The #web is a cricual infrastructure these days and as such we need independent browsers and rendering engines!

If you care about the free and open web you shouldn't use Chrome based browsers.

Thread with more details:

I've been home all day and just got a text from Auspost saying my parcel is at the Post Office because no one was home. 😑

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