Only an hour and a half late into Junee. Not too bad.

Job not cancelled but looks like some serious delays as they make trains up in small pieces from the other end of the yard.

I was hoping my job tonight would be cancelled due to a derailment in our yard but it appears that it's not and I'm disappointed.

My wife went to the Mount Zero olive shop yesterday and we now have a large variety of delicious olive stuff to eat. Their rosemary press oil is excellent with some bread and dukkah. The 2 kilos of mammoth olives might last a while though!

Currently supervising pet dinner time because the Chihuahua is bullying the cats away from their food. The dog is about a quarter of the size of one of the cats. I don't know why they don't beat her up more.

Pixel DNS queiries 

Firefox didn't reopen the 50 or so tabs I had open last session and I don't know how to cope with it.

Evening everyone.

I'm looking for a reasonably priced Australian-based dedicated server. Any recommendations out there?

I'm glad I discovered OVH are shit before my server was provisioned.

One of the Pi Hole's on my network was causing some trouble so I decided to do a re-install to see if that sorted it out. Turns out Pi Hole isn't compatible with the Raspbian Buster so I had to do a second install using Stretch. All set up and it was still having issues.

After much bashing of my head on my desk it turns out the problem was a dodgy network cable. πŸ˜‘

Fuck I love the bass on Tyler the Creator's "I Think". It makes me want to acquire a serious sub woofer.

Happy Birthday @chinwagnews! πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‚ 🎁 🎈

Thanks @mike for all the work you put in to provide a nice place for us all to loiter. πŸ˜ƒ

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Good* to see NBN contractors installing some nice new copper in our area today.πŸ™„

Just got a call from a colleague from my previous job asking if I could get my tool to automatically track changes to the roster up and running again.

me: No worries. It's all still in place. I'll just need some new login details and it will be up and running.

I logged in to the server it's hosted on and noticed it needed a few updates.

So now the VPS won't boot and I can't find my backup of the python scripts I wrote to do the job. πŸ˜‘

They're from Otto's in Hahndorf for the pastie connoisseurs out there.

My wife bought 4 Cornish pasties back from Adelaide so I guess she really does love me.

Back to work tomorrow after 2 weeks off. I've got a 6am start so it'll be a tad chilly when I get up in the morning!

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Let's try this again

I'm here looking for something different, something non commercial. A place where the quality of the connections you make is more important than the dollars they generate

I still use other social media as well. Mostly to stay connected with family and friends and stay up to date and involved in the debate

I hope it grows here

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