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In other important news - our recycling bin has gone missing again.

I didn't win Powerball last night so I guess I'd better go to work tonight.

I got my start time wrong this morning and turned up to work half an hour earlier than I needed to.

One of those shifts were everything goes wrong and it just snowballs into a complete shitfight.

It was a nice day for a drive in the countryside. There's lots of canola out Junee way this year.

I just got the very good news that my shift at 0600 on Sunday has been cancelled.


The cats look like they're plotting something.

Today is my two year anniversary of starting work in Melbourne. It doesn't feel like I've been here that long.

I find it really interesting how hard it is to find anything railway related on my (railway company) employer's intranet. They just spent an undisclosed large amount of money on a complete revamp and it's just shit.

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I want to take back everything bad I've ever said about managing Microsoft Windows and replace it with something worse.

Still haven't made an appearance. Looks like it might be adjourned for a month.

At court today for hearing about parking fine. They haven't got a magistrate or courtroom for us even though the hearing date was set down months ago. I thought the court system would be a bit more organized.

Now that I drive where there a passing lanes that are many kilometres long I find it interesting how close I am to that signal. Queensland crossing loops don't give you much room for error.

Digging through my Google data and found some old photos. In the loop at Pioneer while waiting for a southbound Sunlander in early 2012.

I just downloaded the "Takehome" data that Google has about me. Does anyone know of any tools to deal with the location data?

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