A happy dog 

If there's a filthy puddle nearby...

At work today there was a fire (actual, not a drill) followed some hours later by a burst water pipe.

It's only been a few weeks since I gave my "why and how you should make backups of your data" talk to The New People in which I used exactly these examples.

Following incredulity the first time, there has been renewed interest in the topic today.

Daylight saving kicked in here overnight and nicked an hour. My watch is easily adjusted but it's going to take weeks for my brain to catch up to the news.

My excuses for not going out for a run have evaporated. So I am going out for a run or, at least, an awkward wheezing plod around the docks. Huuurrrhh...

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dark humour [death] 

I attended my first "live-streamed funeral" today, which must be a very modern oxymoron.

I get a lot of emails inviting me to meetings "as a way to unwind during the lunch break". If I want to unwind, I am not going to attend a meeting...

Fermentation progress [alc.] 

This new yeast is hard at work on 5 litres of what will hopefully be an IPA...

An opinion about an operating system 

It is bizarre that I am diving back into regedit and the group policy editor in order to turn off all the telemetry and marketing crud. Not to mention the efforts required to disable update-triggered forced restarts.

I need not be sat at my computer for it to be doing something useful for me! Long-running simulations, data analysis, or data logging jobs are all fairly common in my line of work and have all been victim to W10's impatience in the past.

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An opinion about an operating system 

Windows 10 ... I am still not a fan.


Nothing says "I love you" quite like a bunch of another species' severed genitals.

Many British footpaths are laid with the smoothest, flattest possible concrete slabs. This is the least ideal surface for wet weather (of which there is a lot) and on icy days they are a death trap. My walk to work this morning was accompanied by Yakety Sax playing in the background.

Unplugging myself from Google 

Now at the stage of updating all the various interweb accounts that use my Gmail address and it's amazing how many there are. I've deleted a lot of unused accounts and now have just 100 left on the list to either cull or update with a new email.

I've miiiight have made too many sausage rolls... :awesome:

Hive-mind (or should it be herd-mind?), what do you look for in a soldering station?


Getting vaccinated against that thing that's going around. You might have seen it in the news?

I got WhatsApp's new T&C notice last night. A good reason for me to click 'Skip' and find something else before February 8...


My name is Dave and I'm 40-something human male, living in lock-down in London.

I enjoy taking things apart and then trying to put them back together again (biological (for work) and electrical (for fun and for work)). Linux user and sometimes sysadmin, privacy advocate, and occasional femtobrewer.

For this, my toot, I present these photographic offerings of a spoilt dog and a smug alley cat. You're bound to like one or both.

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