Does anyone remember a kids show on abc that is post apocalyptic and they stick nails into their palms as some sort of telepathic activity. I swear i didn't make this up but haven't been able to find it, i probably look it up once or twice a year every year

any more details you have? Does it primarily follow a single person, or a group of people? How old are the main character(s)? Is it likely a short or long running series?

@FiXato a group of characters, a few groups actually. There is like a set of 2 kids and 2 adults traveling around, and like a weird other place like a school with lots of kids, i think they are telepathic to varying degrees.

I seem to remember something about scientists using nuclear weapons to fix climate change, but that caused the apocalypse

@j unfortunately that doesn't quite ring a bell. A post-apocalyptic world in which some small groups travel around, makes me think of the mini-series based on #StephenKing's #TheStand, but the nail-digging telepathy and school don't quite ring a bell. Also, the apocalypse was the result of a virus that escaped from a military lab.
An excellent series, but I'd hardly call it a kid's show πŸ˜‚
Around what year(s) did you see it on TV?

@FiXato it might be a nz production maybe 6-10 episodes??

Around 2003-2006 but i am only guessing

@j if It's a #NewZealand production, it might be worth having a look at this list of article titles on Wikipedia:

Have you tried doing an image search on keywords such as "new zealand kids show" or "2000s kid series" as well? Might make it easier to recognise things than from a description? Or, if you recognise one of the actors that way in another series, you could look at their filmography.


@FiXato i have been through aus and nz lists for many different years, i will try again but unfortunately i dont think they are complete. I would love it if someone had Australia tv guide data in a database

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