I am looking for a good streaming site to watch a movie :-)

It is not available on any legal streaming site in Aus

Anyone have any reccs?

trans stuff 

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I had no idea this existed: David Lynch on Cooking Quinoa


It's amazing. Truly. I want to cook quinoa now.

recently i have discovered sleeping in the park during my lunch break and it is one of the greatest additions yet to my life

Remind me never to go out to a club again

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Random thought from today #2:

Look BMW with the spoilers and vortex generators and expensive wheels and undersized tires and flatulent exhaust - for the amount of noise you're making and the amount of shifting involved, you should at least be able to out-accelerate an old diesel pickup with a 1500 pound camper on the back. And if you can't, why the hell did you try to turn every stoplight on 3 miles of US-2 into some kind of Fast & Furious: Slo-mo Face-off demo reel?

Limmy show is really deprrssing for me but i still watch it?

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Wow i have just discovered wearing a long shirt in the bath

Maybe i should go back to uni and do my honours, i dont even know if I can

the world is built on a cyber security bubble

I have fallen back into snooze hell

Maybe there is a pool it is time for me to get out of

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