Almost have a job, fear 

I made it!

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It's time for another #perth based #ff #followfriday

@vidak (an that's a new account since last time)

@becauselangpod (Podcast team, also a new account)

And @Longtimecoming is a newbie, so be nice. I'm sure her account will be full of controversial opinions very soon. (Technically, not a Perthie, but still in WA).

And as always, expat wave to @koosli

Almost have a job, fear 

I am at 99.9% towards getting this job! I have been through 3 interviews and 2 trials, there is one more interview left, but even at this point I fear they might drop me. Feeling so insecure about having a job right now.

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I am looking for volunteers who would want to hear strange half written stories, willing to trade

feeling like everyone else is so productive and I am here still trying to figure out what 20-26 year old me was about

is there way to filter out toots from other languages on the fed timeline

Damn synecdoche ripped my heart out

is torrenting still a thing? how can I find a movie I want to watch but isn't online...

i want to write stories so desperately but I feel so much emptiness when I face a page

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This SINGLE MOM discovered ONE WEIRD TRICK to flatten the curve; epidemiologists HATE HER!

anyone got any tips for submitting an arts grant in aus?

I am back! and will be making more of a show to avoid going insane from social isolation

I am looking for a good streaming site to watch a movie :-)

It is not available on any legal streaming site in Aus

Anyone have any reccs?

trans stuff 

I did an escape room with friends and they decided to split up into two groups of 4 by boys and girls and i was like noooo, lets split up a different way. But it ended up being boys and girls and I got stuck with the boys again. Next day now I don't feel good at all.

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I had no idea this existed: David Lynch on Cooking Quinoa

It's amazing. Truly. I want to cook quinoa now.

recently i have discovered sleeping in the park during my lunch break and it is one of the greatest additions yet to my life

Remind me never to go out to a club again

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