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Is there any mood out there for a fedi meetup?

Tagging those who I happen to know (or at least think) live in or near Perth: @jon_dog @samwilson @Quokka @vidak @LiangSijie - boosts encouraged because I'm sure there are more of us out there...

maybe i will learn to sail and never have to see php ever again

its been two years
good to see everyone still around!

A waiter hums to himself, trying to figure a song.

Late afternoon. Two hot chocolates steaming.

"Thanks" Cotton barely manages to breath without taking her eyes from Lifa, sitting next to her.

The drinks sit and forms skin.

"Well" huffs Lifa, "It was just a painting!"

Cotton looks away and whispers "I hate you."

The waiter clears the empty table.

The black iced cement outside diffuses the suns rays.

The air stings Lifa's lungs, alone.

Photo: André Hofmeister CC BY-SA 2.0

Wow seems like companies have learnt to advertise on Mastodon

Almost have a job, fear 

I made it!

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It's time for another #perth based #ff #followfriday

@vidak (an that's a new account since last time)

@becauselangpod (Podcast team, also a new account)

And @Longtimecoming is a newbie, so be nice. I'm sure her account will be full of controversial opinions very soon. (Technically, not a Perthie, but still in WA).

And as always, expat wave to @koosli

Almost have a job, fear 

I am at 99.9% towards getting this job! I have been through 3 interviews and 2 trials, there is one more interview left, but even at this point I fear they might drop me. Feeling so insecure about having a job right now.

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I am looking for volunteers who would want to hear strange half written stories, willing to trade

feeling like everyone else is so productive and I am here still trying to figure out what 20-26 year old me was about

is there way to filter out toots from other languages on the fed timeline

Damn synecdoche ripped my heart out

is torrenting still a thing? how can I find a movie I want to watch but isn't online...

i want to write stories so desperately but I feel so much emptiness when I face a page

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This SINGLE MOM discovered ONE WEIRD TRICK to flatten the curve; epidemiologists HATE HER!

anyone got any tips for submitting an arts grant in aus?

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