Obviously, looking through my junk stack, I found what is probably the successor of that chip, the TK9207. No idea about what's different, because for this too there's no ...

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Anyone with Infos or for PLL52C05S or TK9107-2 ICs? Should be PLLs found on some 386/486 . I'm collecting components to build github.com/Marco-Both/M396F-Re, but these seems to be made of

New toys! are getting nearer! Hopefully I'll have some time to play with this, as I wanted to expand a bit beyond 8bit micros for a while. The problem is also that I also have a lot of work related reading I need to do (horribly out of date with C++, and also need to pick up some C#). We'll see...

seems to be working, did some input testing on pad 1. This makes it a good candidate for the I described in my previous toot. Will finish taking notes on caps this evening, then start swap the ones I already have in-house, and order the rest.

A naked ! First inspection to check nothing is obviously wrong before taking notes on capacitor values.
If everything is in order, I'll do the following:
- cap swap
- swap power input polarity AND add a diode for protection
- Install a Megadrive++ mod for switch less region selection. Not sure I'll add the RGB led though. Requires a case mod and makes the console light up like a Christmas tree...

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Food / fermented vegetables 

Side for lunch: fermented and !

Did not bring home much at the today: these and are for a friend that asked me to buy both. They're in very good shape.
I saw a NES, a SNES and a GameGear, but for the first two the price was outrageous, and for the third, while not absurd, the price was on the high side considering the seller "did not know if it powered on" (really? You just need batteries). Plus I had enough of corroded leaky caps repairs in GGs.

Time to sleep! Usual Sunday in the morning tomorrow, then trip back to the city to help my partner with her stand at the local farmer's market. Going to be a busy day...

"there was a faint smell of burnt"
A cap exploded, two traces vaporized, the PCB is charred in multiple places.
No idea if it's worth spending time on this.

Dusty & dirty electronics 

Ok, cleaned up the , replaced the battery, removed dust & gunk.
Pity the laser on this unit seems to be quite dead: it recognizes there is a disc in, but any disc, be it a CD or DVD, will give a read error.
I wonder, should I go to the length of ordering an 8€ (plus shipping) replacement from China or not?

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Dusty & dirty electronics 

Cleaning up one of the two slim units I got at the last

If there is one thing I excel at, it is misplacing devices. This is a emulator I developed. It's made or a main board with most of the logic, an adapter board and then a "pod" that plugs in place of the ROM chip to simulate.
I can't find where the hell I put my 27040 and 27400 pods. Everything else is there, but those are missing.

And now I will have this stupid and annoying thing buzzing in my head until I find where they are.

My playing around in the old patch. The following week we'll pick up all the leftovers.

Went to another in the morning, found some , but don't have time for cleaning and testing today: need to put away all the unsold vegetables from the market so we can preserve them for the winter. These will wait a better time :)

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got a VERY big PlayStation 1 in the mail today, the original board for the first versions of Beatmania IIDX!

it plays videos by controlling a full-ass external Hi-Fi DVD player over a proprietary serial link, muxes that output back into the video signal, loads the game through a SCSI CD drive and gets its sounds from an IDE hard drive... somehow it all still seems to work after almost 25 years!

DDR-IIDX cabinet link imminent 👀

food / vegetables/ meat 

Today's . One can't always bbq, right?
Cooked black leaves, purple cabbage, fermented and some with

Urgh, was looking at mastodon.uno, it's a generalist Italian instance: my partner wanted me to "test the water" before she made an account.
The public timeline gave me the impression that a group of stupefied tourists just arrived: The exodus is really evident there.

I hope that those that remain will get used to the different spirit of the , without trying to turn it into a second Twitter

for and
On the left, a on a 7 slot homebrew . All boards are , some self designed. Below that, a rather generic clone, on the right a ln with some custom cards in, including my reproduction .

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This account exists to gauge interest in GrapheneOS having a presence on Mastodon. If this account gets a substantial number of followers, we'll host our own instance. Followers of this account will be automatically migrated to the new account on our own instance. It's likely we'll end up going ahead with this but we can't justify setting up another server until there are thousands of followers here. You can convince us to do this sooner rather than later by following this account.

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