I'm thinking here that maybe - m a y b e - some of my relationships problems may have happened because of this .-.

Just found out that I speak too fast and people often answer me having no idea of what they're answering to, because they didn't understand what I said...

I just speak in the same velocity my brain works... Guess I'll have to slow down my speed 👀

Freelance is an interesting thing, you know... You get to decide your work schedule, and you don't have anyone to report to...

BUT, look at me: I'm working since 6am, it's 3pm here and it's the first time today I can relax for a few minutes

Is there an "age limit" for a baby shower?
'cause I'd really appreciate some new clothes...

*slaps roof of the surface of the ocean* this bad boy can fit so many submarines in it

I'm happy to see toots in German here, but yet I'm sad that my German resumes to "ich habe Brot"

Have you ever thought you'd see this temperature in Brazil?
Oh yeah.
Good morning.

One of my clients gave me this and I couldn't be more happy 😍

So... The whole neighborhood is in the dark... Again... Second time this month... 🤦🏻‍♀️

Oh, great!
Some of the profiles I used to follow are here too (now I'm kind of sad and surprised that I've never heard of this place before???)

It means that:
I'll get rid of the toxic publications I was used to in the other app, without losing a single useful thing/need it had

I'm in love.
That's it.

I've planned to do some things tonight, promised myself I would do... But now it's like... 8°C and I'm reeeeeally rethinking my plans

Gotta do anyway but it would be very easy if it was just a bit warmer

Word goes that this is a more friendly and acessible community... Hope to save my own soul here...

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