tryna nap with my Daily Mix on my bg bc it's usually chill

it decides to play skrillex

rant, typescript 

I'm tempted to abandon typescript but I don't want to lose type checking ahhhhhhh


pain points so far
not understanding what's the best practice if a nixPkg doesnt exist.

I have to use for work :/

why do I need to consciously breathe this weekend wtf

breath breathe breath

desktop gpu 

the most expensive component has arrived.. now to buy the rest

bus stories 

got the same bus back 😂

I'm the only one in the bus so the driver pours out his life story

trying really hard to understand the Oz accent

probably only got 60-70% of what he said

chugged coffee this morning, I have a feeling I'll crash later :thisisfine:

needa get up early to retrieve my parcel why am I still up :ohno:

i feel like there should be some NATO or UN agreement on developers not being allowed to work on rich text unless they have like,, years of experience on the subject matter

(Update) I am open for emoji/sticker commissions!
Check out my trello for pricing info and I will weave you tiny bespoke friends. You can also download a bunch for free at!


here I am, thinking that the UK is run by smart and evil people since they're trying to "outlaw encryption"

they're just evil

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TIL about the existence of Nadine Dorries :facepalm:

Words I always misspell


Word I always have to look up

Ayahuasca? ahyawaska??
diarrhoea? diarrhea???

>Randomized content

Solitaire is a rogue-like

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