Got this device in today. It allows me to use USB mice, keyboards, storage devices and printers/scanners on an Atari ST/Falcon via the cartridge port.

I spent most of last night getting my Atari 1040STE working with an USB drive.

Managed to get it to mount, read and write to an USB drive, but require me making a new "HDD" for my UltraSatan using a different HDD driver than what I usually use.

Strangely enough, a nearly 40 year old GUI has issues with properly mounting an USB drive. Who would've thought that?

@declan Ooohhh, I did not need to know this... Now I'll have to place another order with Centuriontech. (I also see there's a new version of the STPSU, which will save me the hassle of repairing one of mine.)

@mmu_man @galaxis

I am not sure, the shop website points to this website for USB drivers:

@declan I need to find a keyboard driver that works with the older firmware for my MegaST. Mouse works but keyboard won’t

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