The mines were not always this built up. Just last night, I had only one miner on the coal, the splitter dividing the raw material between the generator and the smeltery was set round-robin.

Obviously, seeing the scale (I hear you snickering shut up) of my smeltery, one lone coal miner was insufficient.

It wasn't until I started getting blackouts that I realized what I had forgotten to do, however. That is, add more miners.

You'll notice one burner miner at the bottom. I'll get to that.

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This is my setup--don't judge. I've actually been playing the game for a number of years (since it was in alpha) and I do know how to make a better setup, I'm doing things differently for fun.

At the north, you have the generator--I've been pleased with this design so far, it's saved me much headache.

At the south, you have the mines. They are substandard, I'm sure, but this is the best design I've come up with so far.

West of the mines is the smeltery. Not much to say there.

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Went to download again, and noticed this little gem. You'll note there appears to be two download options for Linux; this is no mistake.

One is the game and has the graphics and such.

The other doesn't have any sort of graphics, and is made for running servers. Such a piece of software is called a "headless" server.


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