I can't get anything done because I keep getting interrupted, and it makes me want to fucking die.

In the gap between then and now, I did not die. 😅

However, I did grow a lot. I gained some business and communication skills, found a deep (and strange) connection to God, started attending to a church (as directed by God), improved my problem-solving and personality management skills with a method that I didn't expect, improved my time management greatly, and even got my old (all-time favorite) job back!

I also moved my computer setup twice: first, to the basement, which was a terrible idea as it turns out; second, to my bedroom, which I should have done from the start.

In the basement, it's cold and everyone on the floor above you is super loud--we have three small children in the house who walk, a lot.

In my bedroom, on the second floor, it is warm, quiet, and comfortable.

I can work relatively uninterrupted in either space; I did not work well in the basement.

We need a better place to focus and concentrate @christopher

and if we don't have that, nothing is going to get done well.

Convincing everyone around us that we need it and they're preventing it, is a horrible feeling too. That conflict is what invokes the “want to die” in me.

@bignose @christopher yeah I totally get that. There is a huge part of me that just can't function without my own space. It feels as if I'm always at like 50% capacity just as a result of other's presence

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