This rant has been a long time coming. What finally prompted it was my co-worker saying something about it for the umpteenth time; I'm fed up with it.

@christopher We need to say this to friends and loved ones

so that, when someone designs a mandatory interface to something we need — say, a ticketed event or a payment station or a government service

there can be a chance they will remember not everyone carries a cell phone with them everywhere.

Because some people don't have the luxury we have of *choosing* whether to carry one; they need us to object and demand accessibility, safely, before they must endanger themselves doing so.


@bignose Additionally, why should I have to give that information to some company just so I can use their service? I'm fine if I'm going to be logging in that way, but then just let my use my phone number as my username and, even barring that, forgo email altogether, do everything through SMS--here in the 21st century we can do that pretty easily 🤣.

Let me pick just one, rather than forcing me to use everything under the sun.

@bignose I don't have anything against a phone in principle, mainly what I have a problem with is how they're handled in modern society and technology; they're a must, and I think that's wrong.

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