every time a lie is exposed those in power just double down on it

and we double down on our own lie that the truth has any effect on anything

revealing someone's hypocrisy only works if one or more of the following apply:

1. they have both a conscience and the psychological and legal permission to listen to it

2. the people who would be offended by that hypocrisy would be willing and able to coerce or destroy them

Could anyone help me with an issue I'm having with Pan client? I can read all day long but I'm having trouble posting.

CW if you're sensitive to violence against programming languages 


This made me laugh. I don't know enough about PHP to comment either way, and I gather things have changed a fair bit since 2012 when this was written, but it's still entertaining to see how this person tears it apart entirely.

The whispers are getting louder again... More esoteric, arcane.

They speak of immense structures of tremendous complexity, tongues not yet spoken and others unspeakable, legions of beings who exist for no other purpose than to serve their unknowable masters.

They elevate me with dreams of rituals and energies and prayer and the supremacy of will and blood-in-the-veins and the latticework of crystals and the divine symmetry.

Smells like spring. They get louder when it's warmer.

In the massive derp, I deleted my SSH key which wasn't used for much EXCEPT accessing my website. Fortunately, I was able to work around the issue. All critical things restored, I ain't even mad about the other shit I lost.


Advanced GNU+Linux users, need help.

Moved /home data to new drive, neglected to move .stuff and I did

rm -rf /home/*

to make space on the system drive, then rebooted. Tried many recover utils, non seem to be able to find the deleted files, but might be using them wrong. I deleted all my configs and a year or so of important data. Is it all gone gone? Can it still be recovered?


This video, for some reason, makes me think stream manipulation in sh is some form of functional programming. Is that accurate?

As I still see #SmallWeb posts passing by, claiming they're for people not corporations but actually end up seeing they're for IT enthusiasts and programmers not people in general: What #SmallWeb solution to recommend to persons who want to publish stuff online but never ever will have a clue what, say, HTML, static pages or a VPS might be about, people that at best have a smartphone and a laptop they modestly understand? Is #SmallWeb for "people" like those?

The amount of sourced data one can collect is staggering... Going through just one article, I went through and got something like 10-15 articles, papers, essays, the like--and those were the ones not locked behind a paywall (assholes).

Unfortunately, the disparate natures of each of the sourced paper sites in question makes it both tedious to do by hand, and a pain to automate.

Stunning endorsement for the . Missing .

I think global warming is a bunch of alarmism; climate change is a thing, but again I think it's been drowned in alarmism.

That said, you don't even have to believe in GW or CC to think renewables are pretty cool.

I mean, we can power our houses and stuff... WITH SUNLIGHT AND FUCKIN' WIND. That's pretty bitchin' if you ask me!

Also, not having to rely on the grid is nice (if you have your own PV).

With G-Suite, I like how the gmail tab periodically signs me out “for security” and then Chrome uses my Google Account to autofill its own password, a little pantomime that plays out once a month or so.

Finally caught up on my emails, again.

I'm still feeling out just how much data I want to be getting at a time.

On the one hand, a larger stream means a larger/better selection of data.

On the other hand I have to sort through it all, which takes time and mental energy.

How do you get news and such? I primarily use mailing lists and RSS feeds, and I use Mastodon more for social interaction than anything more serious.

Has anyone been having issues with ? I can't seem to get anywhere but my own built-in server right now.

Play for a few minutes. Doodle, learn solitaire, fold a paper airplane, do something fun.

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