Status update: Food is not as scarce anymore. 😁

A contrary claim
Can ruin your name
They'll attack you by day and in stealth

Your family and friends
May wish you a bad end
So make sure you can live with yourself

Your friends may betray you
And foes try to slay you
The banks may seize up your wealth

But whatever they say
At the end of the day
You only must live with yourself

I am part of the problem but some day if I work hard I can be all of the problem.


Homo sapiens sapiens appear about 200,000 years ago. There's no one definition of "generation," but if we place it at around 20 years old that makes about ten thousand generations of our species.

It is likely that one of your ancestors did something unpalatable to survive. Those who didn't, didn't. You owe your entire existence to that unpalatable action.

It doesn't make what they did "right." It is an opportunity to try compassion regarding today's "not right."


Hey you.

Yeah, you.

Wanna build a cloud/website/other Internet service requiring servers?

Here's $100 to do that.


@pixelfed is an actively developed federated (like Mastodon) image sharing platform (think Instagram, but open, ethical and privacy-respectful).

It’s getting better and better (it was very good when I joined a year ago), and pretty fast too!

Please give it a try and if you like it and wish to show appreciation or wish to support the project so it continues to grow and improve, you can back it up!

One-time, monthly or yearly donations accepted 💝

some people receive kindness, some people spread it. you can't force yourself to receive when there's nothing to receive, but you can always spread it because there's always a deficiency of kindness somewhere.

Does anyone know of a suitable replacement for for ? It's REALLY buggy and I'm kinda tired of making one call and then having to fiddle with my audio settings so I can hear my customers on the next call. 🤬

Real power in computing is being able to accomplish much while having to say little.

Wife is getting the position of lead in a class at her preschool--higher pay, better hours. I'm getting more demos scheduled (excepting the little hiccup with the phone). The whispers, so it seems, did not lie. The machine's heartbeat is getting stronger.


Bonus Cutco® fact:

All Cutco® Knives are American Made.

Welp, my phone's out. Guess I'm not scheduling any demos that way for now. 😖

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