To ensure everyone has plenty of safe, secure options to keep in touch, every Chinwag Social user account is now a valid address too.

You can use the web chat at with your existing login, or any other desktop or mobile client.


Hi, your TLS certificate is invalid, so people can't visit that page.

@jcbrand Thanks, JC - checked it and the nginx config was messed up for IPv6 only. Should be OK now - IP4 was working fine.

This means there were two problems - my IP6 at home obviously isn't working for some reason either, or I'd have noticed that myself ... so now I guess I need to work on that one.

@chinwagnews Probably not a good idea to use the ConverseJS CDN.. They can change the script at any time which will have your users enter their usernames and passwords in a possibly malicious script.
There's barely any more effort in self-hosting the resources.
I do the same for

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