Benevolent dictator Mike here.

My budget is going to be tight for a while, and while there's no danger to Chinwag, support would be more appreciated than ever.

If you can't, don't. It's cool. We'll still be here for you.

Chinwag users! We fell behind briefly but our install has been updated to current and should be a little more stable now.

Please feel free to yell out in the Lobby chat if you see anything odd.

Sorry for the brief Chinwag Social outage this evening, there was a small issue where a process seemed to run out of control and use up all the CPU for a while. We're back to normal now and will try to determine the cause.

It's Chinwag's second anniversary of being part of The Fediverse! We've met some great people here! :toot:

We will never require money to let you keep in touch with your friends and family, but if you do want to contribute regularly or just send a birthday gift, we now have a way for you to do that.

We have no explicit reward plan set up for regular contributors, but if any of you do sign up we'll try to find something cool to do for you!

Chinwag Social is now synced with Mastodon 2.9.2. The default theme is a little cleaner, the new single-column UI is available and we have support for audio attachments, among other things.

Please shout out if you experience any problems!

Chinwag Social will be going offline for an update shortly. The downtime is not expected to be very long.

Before I go off to celebrate Midsummer by being in bed sick (Swedish woes), I want to share a small update.

#Tusky will keep blocking servers which actively promote fascism. This in particular means Gab.

We will get our next release out just in time for the 4th of July.

Don't even try to debate us about Free Speech. This is our speech, exercising #ANTIFA views. And we will keep doing it :toot:

We will post a bigger update at a later time about what this all really means.

Did the update work?

Reminder - expect extended downtime for Chinwag Social in the next few hours as we do some major upgrades and restructure a little. Don't have an exact timeframe for you yet, but if you suddenly can't access things in a couple of hours don't be shocked.

Due to Real Life, we're a couple of steps behind on updates on Chinwag Social right now, but Mastodon 2.8.2 changes have now been merged in to our repo and are ready to go.

Expect some downtime tomorrow evening (Melbourne time) when we deploy that.

Chinwag Social is now updated to 2.7.3. It's a minor update and you probably won't notice anything much. If you see any issues please let us know.

Chinwag Social has synced up with 2.7.2. As usual, complain loudly if you see anything weird, but it's a fairly minor jump so it'll probably be fine.

Chinwag Social is now synced with 2.7.0!

Explore topics like or easily:

If you want, you can edit your profile and be included in the directory:

If you see bugs, shout out!

Deployment of Mastodon 2.7.0 on Chinwag Social is imminent. If there's a window of opportunity this afternoon, it'll happen. If not, tomorrow sometime.

Also our instance source code is moving to if you're keen on looking at that.

We've caught up on updates, and Chinwag Social is now synced with 2.6.5.

Please shout out if you think anything seems broken!

Pitchfork Club is the newest member of the Chinwag family. It's a instance, and registration is open for now if you're keen to try out this awesome, federated alternative to Instagram.

Expect some rough edges, but give it a go!

Hi Chinwag friends! Some style changes have been deployed so tour experience may be a little different if you're using the web interface to Chinwag Social.

Image previews now show the full image instead of a cropped version, which just make the timeline seen a little more colourful and interesting, and the columns now adjust their width based on the screen size and will try to always fit without scrolling.

If this causes you problems in any way, shout out without hesitation. once again is at 100% on the Compliance Tester

We fell behind for a few months there but everything's upgraded and properly configured now!

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