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Benevolent dictator Mike here.

My budget is going to be tight for a while, and while there's no danger to Chinwag, support would be more appreciated than ever.

If you can't, don't. It's cool. We'll still be here for you.

Our Jitsi Meet service at should be functional again, please feel free to give it a go and shout out if you have issues.

Our Jitsi Meet service at is temporarily down for maintenance and a hardware change. Should be back soon, but no ETA right now. We'll let you know when it's back and stable.

To ensure everyone has plenty of safe, secure options to keep in touch, every Chinwag Social user account is now a valid address too.

You can use the web chat at with your existing login, or any other desktop or mobile client.

Hi folks! If you need an extra option for a quick, video chat over the next couple of weeks, we've spun up a Jitsi Meet instance at

Australian hosting used, so latency should be ok for locals. Service not guaranteed but we'll do our best!

Chinwag Social is now synced up with Mastodon 3.1.2. As usual, please shout out if you notice any issues. Thanks!

Chinwag Social is now synced up with Mastodon v3.1.1. Please let us know if you have any issues!

Deffo is the latest member of the Chinwag family.

If you want to share public events, we want to help make that easy for you, without requiring you to be tracked or spammed mercilessly.

It's a work in progress, but functional right now! Give it a go!

Chinwag Social will go offline sometime in the next few hours for an attempt at restructuring and some OS-level upgrades.

This may take an hour or two, unless we hit a blocker of some kind and roll back.

Hey folks! Chinwag Social had some downtime overnight due to some database server issues. It's catching up again now, but expect a bit more of an outage really soon as some long-postponed restructuring stops getting postponed.

Oh hey it was the 2nd birthday of a few days ago. :toot:

This instance took over from the test one that ran for a few months on a domain when it was clear it was a good and useful thing to have online.

All backup and maintenance tasks for Chinwag Social have been turned back on to their usual fully automatic settings and regular frequency.

If you encounter any issues, timeouts, extreme lag in response times, or general weirdness please let us know. Include when it happened, and your timezone info.

Don't really want to jinx it by saying something, but I think I've now got the resources balanced right on Chinwag Social and it might actually be performing well.

Consider this post part of the testing process.

If things seen a little laggy at times, it's probably because the search database is still rebuilding. This may take quite a while, and I'm not going to stress over performance until it's finished thrashing away.

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Chinwag Social is back up, with shiny and new parts everywhere!

Many behind-the-scenes changes, most obvious is that were now synced with version 3.0.1.

Please resume posting, and let us know if you experience any issues.

Maintenance on Chinwag Social will start in about 30-45 minutes. Please be prepared to deal with the real world for a bit. See you on the other side!

Chinwag Social will be down for maintenance this weekend, and it's likely to be a big one. We'll be shutting things down starting from about 24 hours from this post.

Downtime of at least 2 hours is expected.

XMPP messaging services under will not be affected.

Given the new user influx that's currently happening around the fediverse, we're going to need to stop putting off some maintenance here and do some updates.

Nothing scheduled yet, but expect some Chinwag Social downtime this weekend folks!

Hey friends! Chinwag's server Lobby channel is always open and you're free to swing by for a chat.

If you're a user, you can quickly and easily log in via the web client at and you'll find it right in front of you!

Otherwise bust out your favourite chat client and head over to to say hi!

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