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We errrrr... have more Raspberries. Teaspoon for scale.

Harvested some more Raspberries and a few Blueberries (green bowl, right). Blue bowl (left) is left over Raspberries and Strawberries from yesterday. Still deciding what we want to make with them, rather than just snacking on them.

Oops. May have accidentally(*) bought more gin.
* - Not really. This is me we're talking about.

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Today's strawberries and raspberries. Suspect we're going to have a LOT of ready to pick raspberries on the weekend.

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Raspberries are getting there! Starting to see the red finally come through.

Found out a way to disable the Accupoint "stick" or "pointer" mouse while keeping the buttons working on @pelagikat 's laptop. The mouse stick was drifting all over the place making it impossible to do anything useful. You used to be able to do this with xinput, but now you need to do it within xorg. FWIW: See the anonymous comment at the bottom of tribut.de/blog/taming-the-trac that contains the xorg conf snippet if you want to disable it yourself.

Raspberries are looking good! Bees are having fun. Glad I have a lot of netting ready.

Took this yesterday. First open flowers on the raspberry! Sooo looking forward to this finally fruiting. :awesome:

One very happy momma peregrine and her 1st baby birb!

And looks like first baby broke out of an egg around 11:12am today. 😍

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If you like birbs, the Melbourne Peregrine Falcon eggs appear to be hatching. 2 eggs with definite signs of holes (including a tiny beak appearance at one point). Youtube stream: youtube.com/watch?v=kVBIZMcjNK

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Put up some shelves in the garage. Now I'll have room to store a bunch of stuff that I had nowhere to put! Yay!

Didn't have enough Oj this morning so we broke out the juicer attachment for the Kenwood (first time used) and juiced a few oranges and mandarins to top up our juice. Then after breakfast I picked a bunch more mandarins and then juiced all those, so now we have about 1L of mandarin juice in the fridge. :D

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