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New #introduction. I just moved from mastodon.art. to mstdn.io and thought it's a good moment.

I am a freelance illustrator but you can read it all in my bio. Here's some pictures:
- an illustration commissioned for children's stories
- an illustration that will be printed in an Artbook this Autumn (I'm so hyped for this)
- January's illustration for my #calendar for 2022 (more info coming) #12creatures #12MoreCreatures
- one of my #5minsketch

#MastoArt #CommissionsOpen #ArtistForHire #moa


I hear you! TBH, I'm becoming disenchanted with Mastodon as a whole at the moment. :(

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Hey everyone. My main figure drawing resource is payed now. Will you help? I'd love to create more of these.

I made a goal here and I'll give you full res character sketch for every coffee

#MastoArt #kofi

What's also interesting to me is that I realise - and I hate categorising or measuring these things, that spectrum-wise, I am probably only a step or two away from Rob, as I had learning / attention problems as a child.

3/3 so we end the session by my playing a couple of Gospel songs on keyboard, and we both sing along. I impersonate various vocal styles while doing it which makes him laugh and encourages him to sing more loudly and confidently.

I'm showing him a few 3 (ish) chord Beatles songs. We're currently doing 'Hey Jude.' We've almost mastered the 3 chord verses, but we've been at that for weeks now!

The main thing is we both have a laugh during the sessions and plenty of tea and biscuits. :)


I'm having to find ways of adapting songs that ideally require those types of chords if only for the 'sound'. I've managed to a degree, and th overall sound is augmented by my playing along in a convention 'rock style', but at a lower volume than him, so that he gets a sense of support and authentic sound.

We're also experimenting with open tunings and bottle neck. He's finding that a bit awkward, but wants to persevere, he says

Her also loves Gospel and has joined a local choir

1/3 I'm currently working with a friend's brother (I'll call him 'Rob') who has Asperger's.

Once a week, we play music and sing together.

I'm finding it both rewarding and challenging.

Rob also injured a tendon in his left hand when he was a toddler. He was naturally left handed, but now uses his right hand as the dominant one.

This injury also impairs his ability to form barre chords on guitar. He loves guitar, and is mad about Rock, R 'n B, Blues etc.

Hey Laura! Glad to be back in touch. 😀

I live in South East London with my wife and (currently) 2 of our 3 children.

I spend most of my time listening to podcasts, reading, recording audio, writing music, discovering new local walks, and facilitating meditation classes.

In other news, we were woken up at 4..00 am by the cat "dealing with a fur ball". Nodded off again (us, not the cat) , and are now awake again but with a cuppa!!

Have fixed the audio output problem in Linux Mint, and Audacity is now recognising my USB mic.

Exciting, eh?

Headless statue in Crystal Palace Park. S.E. London.

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