“The official reason given by Google for the removal of apps is that these apps can be used to access […] content which are dedicated to hate speech.” (hat tip to @Rigby_Koyaanisqatsi)

Somehow this doesn't motivate removal of other apps from Google's app store. What could explain this difference?

A better explanation, from @pluralistic:

“The more freedom you have to leave Google, the bigger a risk you pres­ent to Google.”

@snow @bignose @pluralistic Your version of Child Porn does not agree with US Law though. LIberals love defending pedos too
@snow @bignose @pluralistic Yeah but even Twitter is allowing pedos and cartoons and shit. Their lawyers had to of had some input

@snow An excuse to block the child porn accounts, and send details to law enforcement, yep.

Not an excuse to remove general-purpose communication apps.


It's big enough for Google to do something to suppress it.
@bignose @pluralistic @Rigby_Koyaanisqatsi ah because using FB, twitter or else you are suppose to find just peaceful speech? 🤔
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