I made pizza last night, with dough made the day before.

First use of our pizza stone. Finally the investment pays off. Delicious!


Making the dough, putting a sauce & toppings on it, and sliding it onto a pizza stone feels so much more REAL than any other method.

Though it also makes me wish I had one of those 'spensive ovens that hits 700°F and finishes in ~3 minutes. For the final bit of legitimacy.


I have a nice pizza peel that I bought from the local restaurant supply store, though. And a shaker full of cornmeal. 87% legitimacy.

@thraeryn @bignose Yeah, the only thing really standing between home made pizza and restaurant pizza is just that your home oven doesn't get hot enough to do it right.

A stone helps heaps though, great thing to have. This just reminded me that I broke my pizza stone a while back and never got around to replacing it.

@mike @bignose

I'm still learning the intricacies of the pizza peel. I''m fine once the pie gets on the stone; sometimes getting from peel to stone is tough, no matter what steps I take.

@thraeryn We cheated: used baking paper under the base while topping it. Then, just lift the paper at all corners to move it from table to oven.

The paper starts to brown and crisp, but we still managed to lift it with hot pizza from the stone. Risky perhaps; easy for sure.

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@thraeryn The recipe I used is

With the caveat that I ignored the specific flour brand (I jut used the finest flour at my wholefoods grocer), and I don't have an electric mixer (just used my hands for everything): that gets my personal recommendation. Follow the directions exactly and it turns out great.

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