Welp, the reason for our Internet being offline is to be investigated.

They estimate it will be done by Monday. So we are without a connection for the whole weekend.

The fault is obvious to us: a cabling worker dickered with something on the street this afternoon. But of course won't pay attention until their technician investigates. In 3 days.

Howdy @mike, you have recently figured out some ways to make it easier for people to fund your work / hosting / etc.

What recommendations do you have for online “pay me if you like what I do” services, which respect the people at both ends and aren't horrible?

Howdy @josh, what is the scope of skilltoy.site appropriate content?

I am looking around for a Pixelfed instance that might be suitable for board game hobbyist media.

How is it Google's job to do anything about? Do they have authority over federated networks? @snow

Our latest was the acclaimed 1981 thriller, Das Boot.

tl;dr, strongly recommended. It's a story of all men, yet it's not a tale of macho patriotism — this is *definitely* not a movie glorying in war. It's not even really *about* war, it's about peril and how we can help each other get through.

The Director's Cut, if you can find room for 200 minute run time, is the one to watch: there is a heap more character development, and this is a story strong on caring about the characters.

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I am a writer and dilettante, a jack of all trades hoping to master a few before all is said and done.

I'm planning to curate this account/feed towards the arts and media.

Looking to connect with other writers of unusual fiction. My influences include Mark Leyner, Leonora Carrington, Tom Robbins, Donald Barthleme, Hunter S. Thompson, Steven Millhauser, etc.

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Dipping my toe into the Mastodon waters. Hoping to abandon the evil empire soon. Interested in , , , and other non-political topics. (Twitter hits all my political engagement needs and then some. Looking for a refuge.)

“The official reason given by Google for the removal of apps is that these apps can be used to access […] content which are dedicated to hate speech.”

privateinternetaccess.com/blog (hat tip to @Rigby_Koyaanisqatsi)

Somehow this doesn't motivate removal of other apps from Google's app store. What could explain this difference?

A better explanation, from @pluralistic: locusmag.com/2020/09/cory-doct

“The more freedom you have to leave Google, the bigger a risk you pres­ent to Google.”

Matt Stoller hits many realisations that @pluralistic has been iterating: short of “no regulation at all”, the next best thing for monopoly corporations is “regulation so onerous that only someone our size could meet it” and therefore hard-coding their dominance into law.

“Last week, Amazon made an interesting political move to tackle defective product sales, seeking to change not only its own business, but also the laws that governs liability for defective products.”

To keep the discussion going @Naeva, here's a 1999 article:

“[…] a single poster was taken down last week simply because its position over a railway bridge was causing drivers to crash.

“This happens quite regularly, [when the ad] is arresting enough to grab a moment of undivided attention. Since this is by definition what all ads are attempting to do, it can only suggest that advertising is in itself a dangerous distraction. Hell! Why don't we just ban it altogether?”


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@Naeva is correct that all must attempt to persuade; and it is effective to the extent that it manipulates us against what we would otherwise choose to do.

Advertising also can only work by from where we would otherwise choose to spend our limited attention. We never get the opportunity to consent before our scarce attention is taken.

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Someone who has for me got me Pepe Saya butter, and other spreads, along with crumpets!

No cafés open for breakfast during , so it's my birthday treat at home today.

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gonna retoot this here because.

pranking homeopaths by briefly dipping a fifty dollar bill into a glass of water, and paying them with the water.

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It's bad enough that your boss has decided that you now must turn part of your home into an extension of your workplace at no cost to them.

Then they add Bossware to your computer so they can spy on you (and your family), adding insult to injury.



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