Time to switch away from Shell-owned electricity company (Powershop), to a provider who isn't also invested in fossil fuels.

Maybe Cooperative Power cooperativepower.org.au/ ? Anyone know a reason for or against?

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Um excuse me, Meridian Corp., we customers of Powershop renewable energy provider, did not sign on to hand everything to Shell Petroleum.

Shell intend to pump as much fossil fuel as they can, in defiance of the clear need to *stop it now*.

“On Monday, Shell announced it will partner with Infrastructure Capital Group to take over Powershop via a total acquisition of its parent company, Meridian Energy Australia Group.”



The very largest ones also find that their prediction algorithms, which are inextricably core to their profit and control, work a whole lot better when they punish behaviour which the algorithm didn't predict.

Past a certain point, shaping people's behaviour is a lot easier than trying to predict what people would freely choose to do.

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@tindall is right; the computer systems that dominate our lives are not designed for expressing individuality.

That's because the owners of those systems, want to *eliminate* our individual quirks and expression and agency and informed consent. They call this, “improving efficiency”.

We need .

“Beloved by moodboard aficionados and wedding planners alike, [Pinterest] intrudes on the search experience of pretty much everyone who doesn’t want to use it.

“Pinterest makes it obnoxiously difficult to view any image hosted on its platform without signing up for an account[…] it’s managed to achieve an extremely strong presence on many popular image searches.”


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“We made a mistake by accepting advertising as a revenue model on the internet. We made another mistake by forgetting that other models existed, once prices started crashing. Now, the people who are making the decisions are too sick and tired to see a way out because they are hamstrung by the system they created, and the people who need out the most can’t afford to take a break.”


Well, if decades-old copper wire to the door counts as NBN, then I guess a PDF of plain text counts as a “digital certificate”.

Does it have any way of verifying that big bold ✓ check mark? Well, I guess someone can look up the document number? So, no more “digital” than a printed copy.

Good to see that the 2021-01-06 Insurrection of the US Capitol, rates along with other momentous events with this historian.


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All browser prompts need a "Lie" function in addition to Allow and Block.

<Website> wants to:
* Know your location
* Use your camera
[ Allow ] [ Block ] [ Lie ]

Mansfield (north-eastern Victoria, ) had a magnitude-6 earthquake this morning.

We felt the effects in as a tremor for about a minute. But it was causing a bunch of property damage near the epicentre. Hope everyone's okay, please call your loved ones.


Just experienced an earthquake at my home. does not have earthquakes in my memory; but walls were wobbling and the floor was flexing.

@mherbert you're probably not still shopping for keyboards, but I think you will have opinions about the ErgoDox EZ:


“The political situation that would have allowed the Simpson family a relatively stable middle class life was made possible by a robust labor movement, high taxes on the wealthy, a strong welfare state and the postwar prosperity that stemmed from U.S. industry having been untouched by the ravages of World War II. We are very, very far from that moment now.”



What's the story with stores that say “we don't ship to PO Boxes”, while others deliver to a PO Box without complaint?

Clearly it's not forbidden for couriers to deliver to PO Boxes because packages are delivered to PO Box addresses by courier all the time. International and interstate and within Victoria.

So they don't *want* to. Yet they claim they can't. How can I convince a store that the PO Box is my correct delivery address and they should send it, damnit?

A key finding here, IMO, is from the participant questionnaire:

* “Stealing teaspoons is wrong”: 25% “Disagree” or “Strongly disagree”
* “How satisfied are you with teaspoon coverage in the institute?”: 69% “Dissatisfied” or “Very dissatisfied”

so you believe both of those things simultaneously? Cool, cool.


“That’s it. That’s the test. Pick a vehicle. Can you get in, pick a destination and safely go to sleep? If yes, it’s . If no, it’s not. Just like power: On. Or off.

“That’s the thing. “Self-driving” has to mean you can sleep in it, because if it doesn’t, what will we call self-driving vehicles that *will* let you close your eyes?”


Loving my , but hating that we somehow still can't escape any discussion of climate change getting overrun with rabid denialists who “demand our voice be heard”

A person should, if they choose, be easily able to travel half an hour on foot and be somewhere they know that no-one will object to them staying as long as they like.

Where they may stand, sleep, dance, run naked, sit quietly, talk to trees; where they are unobserved and impose on no one.

This freedom is what many people need, for health and sanity in a community. They may need it often, occasionally, never. Merely knowing that one can, and occasionally proving it, is huge comfort.

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