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this is my favourite theory: hans niemann had a secret mirror set up so he could see his opponents' moves

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Yeah. In principle, it's a nice idea to not own stuff and get everything done for you as a service. Who wants responsibility for managing that stuff? etc.

In practice, with the service providers we have, it's relinquishing all the control and power to unaccountable private interests. We've known better than that for a long time.

will allow us to *choose* who provides the service, without being locked into any one of them.

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Biggest crime of Tik Tok was making people believe that vertical video was OK

It's been around long before Gen Z discovered it. We call it “setting boundaries” and it's vital to a healthy relationship to your job.

Glad that it's becoming more popular.

“[…] the wealth divide […] is rapidly honing in on young people—even those that have worked hard and succeeded beyond all reason, and who are still unable to enjoy the comfort afforded by their peers’ hidden family money.

“The shadow of our destiny is racing towards us—a promise that meritocracy was a lie, and that we all live in and with the stagnant reality of that.

“There is a dread building, a bleakness that is already casting a shadow on the future. Maybe you feel it, too.”

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power (the power of being the sole buyer in a market; the other end of the stick from power; thank you @pluralistic) has ruined the supposed freedom of most markets.

The money is in all the wrong places.

In an update: the Convenor stepped down.

“In 2019, Linda Gale co-authored a paper widely regarded as transphobic. […] Gale [after criticism] consequently responded with a statement reaffirming the Greens’ policy that ‘trans rights are non-negotiable’.

“However, she did not disavow comments in the 2019 paper. That prompted Greens Senator Janet Rice and two Victorian Greens MPs to call for her resignation.”

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Not sure if the mice I'm trying to catch look quite like that.

pain continues.

The Greens Victoria (a separate organisation from the federal Australian Greens party) has had an internal election with suspiciously opaque procedure, and the elected Convenor is a notable opponent of transgender rights.

The positions of the new Convenor are contrary to the gender-inclusive policy stance of the Greens Victoria. If you've got an interest, contact the party and tell them how this move looks for gender diversity.

@chinwagnews Never mind, I'm caught up (the Chinwag News didn't inform me about ) and now logging in works again.

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@chinwagnews Has something gone wrong with logging in to This week my XMPP client is responding that my login failed.

An excellent interview with Wikimedia's previous CEO.

She firmly roots the success of Wikipedia in the and values of the organisation, and that everything they produce is . An inspiring and informative conversation.

I realised I had never seen either _Deep Impact_ nor _Armageddon_, both released in 1998. Time to rectify that.

They are both *bad movies*, but (given their premise and plot are essentially the same) in very different ways.

For @pelagikat @bgcarlisle and others whose research might need some R programs:

A simple change to make your R programs future-proof.

“Over the past year I have learned a few things that made me more concerned about R's reproducibility […] I will mention three things.

“Most posted R scripts apparently don't even run. […]

“Come think of it: this is a big pain in the Rs for books. […]

“Personal Experience with abandoned packages.”

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Unions are like condoms, if someone tries to convince you you don't need one you should take your stuff and go home.

@mherbert I endorse leaving Spotify behind and moving to control over your own audio.

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