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@bignose I have very, very strict work time/my time separation even normally. I'm doubling down on that policy HARD right now.

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Earlier in the week I was saying that social distancing was oddly "business as usual" as an introvert, but scratch that. It's maddening. All the extroverts have decided that they NEED CONSTANT CONTACT by any means possible. I'm getting assaulted with continuous phone calls from my family and they're now scheduling a video conference "so we can all see each others' faces". I SAW YOUR FACES ONCE EVERY FOUR MONTHS PRIOR TO THIS SITUATION, AND THAT WAS FINE.

We're meant to be isolating from close contact with other humans. But you're still recommended to go outside:

* Keep active. You're not going to your usual social gatherings.

* Keep your Vitamin D production going. Maintain your immune system.

* Keep airing out your clothes and belongings. virus can't live when it's dry and aired out.

* Keep your focal length changing throughout the day. Prevent eye strain and short-sightedness.

* Keep sane. Change your surroundings and your mood.

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thinking about how software companies slowly chip away at the idea of consent by turning every "no" into "not right now," every "stop this" into "do this less often," every "i don't want that" into "maybe later"

Thank you to @stavros for digging into videoconference options.

The referenced curated list is offline, has it moved in the year since you announced it?

People who might get creeped out by an unaccountable tech giant having a microphone in their home, are now eagerly letting an unaccountable tech giant listen through the microphone *and* watch through the camera in their home.

Don't invite Zoom to watch you in your home (nor Google nor Facebook nor etc.); instead, work to get so we can all use that, and bypass the surveillance tech giants.

I failed to sell, and they went for Zoom in the end :-(

People want privacy and don't want corporations snooping everything in a camera in their home; until the shiny smooth service comes along then it's all out the window

Take care to use this powerful tool only as needed.

credit: @nhr

Me 2019: Hey, there's excellent non-surveillance videoconferencing service you don't even need to install anything, and if you like we can set it up you'll be ready to go.

They 2019: Wow this looks great! Hah, yeah I totally hate surveillance! If I ever need this I'll let you know.

Covid 2019: I'm coming, y'all

They 2020: Oh no, says we need videoconferencing, better create a Zoom account right now 'cause nothing else will do

Me 2020: ...

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“Prodigal tech bro stories skip straight from the past, when they were part of something that—surprise!—turned out to be bad, to the present, where they are now a moral authority on how to do good, but without the transitional moments of revelation and remorse”

For many reasons, is a great option if feasible. adds another good reason among many.

Stay vigilant though, as employers see another opportunity to make workers miserable with .

This is not just in , you can bet employers in would love this shit too.

Pub bar food here includes a “meat loathers pizza” for vegans.

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How is the USA prepared now for ?

“In 2018, the Trump administration fired the ’s entire pandemic response chain of command, including the White House management infrastructure. In numerous phone calls and emails with key agencies across the U.S. government, the only consistent response I encountered was distressed confusion.”

Too hot to cook. Walked to our local Indian curry restaurant.

They met us at the door and said the kitchen is closed. Because it's too hot to cook.

We could only concur.

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Hi everyone.. I'm a children's author, love gaming and biking, (trike) love a good book and huge amounts of coffee whenever I can :)

A friend saw Phoebe Waller-Bridge last night perform the one-person stage show (effectively the story from Season 1 on TV). Reportedly it's even *more intense* and feels-inducing than what made it to screen.


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