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It's bad enough that your boss has decided that you now must turn part of your home into an extension of your workplace at no cost to them.

Then they add Bossware to your computer so they can spy on you (and your family), adding insult to injury.


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Unlike the way #Australia has gone, it's entirely feasible to respect user #privacy and #security with effective #Covid19 contact tracing.

“But why a hardware token? Isn’t an app just better in so many ways?

[…] iPhone users, like the underprivileged, also don’t own a smartphone; rather, they’ve bought a phone that can only be used for Apple-sanctioned activities.

“It turns out that apps, and smartphones in general, are bad for user privacy.”

Oh cool, we only had to wait 40 years for the much anticipated combination Polaroid camera crossed with Commodore 64 computer.

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“We, the undersigned, call on the Government of Australia to be open and transparent regarding its COVID-19 tracing software application, with an independent review process open to all in the international and Australian community.

“It is possible to offer the public both privacy and successful COVID-19 contact tracing.”

Reject a #Covid19 #SurveillanceState in #Australia. Demand #PublicSoftware as #FreeSoftware, independent guarantees of #PublicSafety, #DataFreedom.

Hello cow kitty

(not my photo, attribution unknown, but too good not to share)

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We commend ICANN on hearing the concerns of nearly a thousand organizations and over 50,000 people who demanded it reject the sale.

Your voices protected every .ORG website, and everyone who depends on them.

Still massively thankful to @mike for Deffo Meet generously provided and maintained!

Allowing me to respond to family not with “no I don't use that awful centralised surveillance platform, and you should not either please it's not safe”

but rather “no I don't use that awful centralised surveillance platform, here is something we can trust, I vouch for it because it's and I know the bloke who runs it”.

That conversation tends to go much better.

Folks, I have no more clue about what it looks like than you. We're all looking at the same photo, I can't see the spider any more. That's why I took a photo :-)

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Why are we being required to continue paying rents and/or mortgages, at rates that were set when we had normal incomes?

Isn't the point of being a lending institution that you extract your fee *because you accept the risk*, not the debtor?

Why are we not demanding the financial institutions wear a massive reduction in their income, and stop bleeding away our savings to them?

Dear Fediverse, will this kill me?

Typically inclined to let spiders alone in our home, but this one looks a little more exotic than our familiar ones.

The email app of choice on mobile is K9.

Someone took that and re-skinned it to look much nicer; you're looking for “K9 Material”, also available on .


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@bignose I have very, very strict work time/my time separation even normally. I'm doubling down on that policy HARD right now.

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Earlier in the week I was saying that social distancing was oddly "business as usual" as an introvert, but scratch that. It's maddening. All the extroverts have decided that they NEED CONSTANT CONTACT by any means possible. I'm getting assaulted with continuous phone calls from my family and they're now scheduling a video conference "so we can all see each others' faces". I SAW YOUR FACES ONCE EVERY FOUR MONTHS PRIOR TO THIS SITUATION, AND THAT WAS FINE.

We're meant to be isolating from close contact with other humans. But you're still recommended to go outside:

* Keep active. You're not going to your usual social gatherings.

* Keep your Vitamin D production going. Maintain your immune system.

* Keep airing out your clothes and belongings. virus can't live when it's dry and aired out.

* Keep your focal length changing throughout the day. Prevent eye strain and short-sightedness.

* Keep sane. Change your surroundings and your mood.

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thinking about how software companies slowly chip away at the idea of consent by turning every "no" into "not right now," every "stop this" into "do this less often," every "i don't want that" into "maybe later"

Thank you to @stavros for digging into videoconference options.

The referenced curated list is offline, has it moved in the year since you announced it?

People who might get creeped out by an unaccountable tech giant having a microphone in their home, are now eagerly letting an unaccountable tech giant listen through the microphone *and* watch through the camera in their home.

Don't invite Zoom to watch you in your home (nor Google nor Facebook nor etc.); instead, work to get so we can all use that, and bypass the surveillance tech giants.

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