A friend saw Phoebe Waller-Bridge last night perform the one-person stage show (effectively the story from Season 1 on TV). Reportedly it's even *more intense* and feels-inducing than what made it to screen.


“These efforts are well intentioned, but bans are the wrong way to fight against modern . Focusing on one particular identification method misconstrues the nature of the we’re in the process of building […]

The problem is that we are being identified without our knowledge or , and needs rules about when that is permissible.”


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This is a thing I can get behind - boycotting News Limited papers and web assets. I'm tempted to use a Murdoch DNS block list to do it for my entire network.


“hits rock bottom”, that's a there ABC. If we've got anything to learn from the past decade of science, surely it's that there is *so much worse* it can all get from here.



Good morning, 2020! May you all be safe and happy as we begin the final year of this decade.

“Here is what I can assure you: if you think Facebook is a force for Facebook, you will be curated offline and our friends will help you remove bad speech from your preferences.”


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Old enough to know better but young enough to still have fun (). Female but willing to seek out like minded people from behind a keyboard on social media. Home is the where I work in .


Thank you to @Mellymelmc for securing the proudly “hand made” bowls that were such a bad fit in my home, for exchange.

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“Mr Richards has now announced: “With regret I have to announce that, after some 18 years, I have decided to close the Apostrophe Protection Society.

“[…] fewer organisations and individuals are now caring about the correct use of the apostrophe in the English Language.”


Truly we are in the end time's.

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Thanks for creating this space. I just created an account. After I finish my beer I have goats to milk and a quail house to finish building.

@brown121407 They already know what looks like and they know it works and they like it. But they have been lied to about what socialism is, and so they don't like when we point out that thing they like, is socialist.


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"But free services still have costs they need to pay for."
It's not the user's problem they stole our data instead of using a legitimate payment method that doesn't compromise their users.

There's a reason adblockers and script blockers are so prevalent and the people defending this thievery is why.

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We got half-way through #PandemicLegacy season 1; the June month we succeeded on the first try.

We got a bit of funding from previous months to help; but also we stayed entirely on top of infections to the point there were *no* outbreaks!

The blurred-out board sections do show that overall the board is being changed by a lot of permanent bad stuff. I hope the second half of the year brings some new things to deal with the crisis.

#BoardGames weekend we have our groove back!

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Mike's one piece of advice for new Mastodon users - dive into that Federated column and follow ANYONE and EVERYONE who looks like they've posted anything at all interesting to you. Just hammer the button. There's no penalty for mistakes. Go wild.

Later, when your Home timeline is buzzing, go in and unfollow people you decide you're not enjoying so much now.

Then do that again a few times. Then some more. Forever.

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@aral What's your position on the audio show, IRL? Have you listened to many episodes, and how recently?


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