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Advice to self: just because someone's shitty to you doesn't mean you aren't worth being treated well.

So, cheesy though it is, I'm using an audio announcer track that I recorded for today's The Resistance game. It's good that the rules make that purely mechanical.

Playing The Resistance at some recent parties, it becomes clear that a *player* should ideally not also be in the role of *moderator*.

In these social deduction games, all players need to be free to lie their arse off, sow confusion and doubt. If one player is *also* expected to tell the unvarnished truth about what everyone is allowed to do according to the rules, that seriously undercuts both their capacity to deceive, and other players's confidence in the rules authority.

[The Man in the High Castle]( is an acclaimed 1962 novel by Phillip K. Dick, recently I learned it was made into a TV serial. Started in 2015, three seasons so far.

The big budget shows. I haven't read the novel but it seems to be very plot-driven, at the expense of having any characters we care much about.

For people reading in the 1960s it must have been relevant; maybe US viewers today, too. I watched the pilot, not going to continue.

Voting task done! I like the way election day brings the local community together in groups that would likely never meet otherwise. People I think are weirdos. Who probably think I'm a weirdo. We're all in this together.

Turning a pot on a wheel goes like:

* throw the clay
* shift the clay
* wet the clay
* shape the clay
* wet the clay again
* discard the mangled torn clay
* repeat

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Women’s rights to healthcare and medical cover Show more

Ouch, some slimy bastard is taking advantage of typos; spell “Mastadon” by accident when writing and you'll end up somewhere unexpected.

People in , and especially technology workers under Australian law, do not want or need mandatory surveillance, data retention by gov't, and broken encryption.
It's time our politicians support tech workers and for all Australians.

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And back to the ableist aggression: “why aren't you able to communicate by phone?”

Because fuck off it's not your business why, eBay. Communicate via text the way I've asked you to and the way we always have to date.

Of course, don't blame the support drone for the company policy; but simultaneously, just say you recognise a lie (politely, factually) when they say a lie like “that's policy and we have to do it”.

Get them agreeing with you, show how they can help you, always leave open the door to resolve the issue favourably.

In conclusion:

Don't accept a support drone telling you “we have no choice” when they describe a company policy. Bullshit, they (their company) certainly have a choice, the company writes the policy and can write it differently tomorrow by choice.

Don't let them bully you about what *you* must do because of their arbitrary policy. They hold the power and if they abuse it they are culpable, not you.

“Can I rely on you to communicate that this should never have happened (customers will use VPNs and that should not be flagged as suspicious)?

11:04 AM
I can escalate that to our policy makers but I doubt it.

Yes, protocols can change and feedback like this is important for that. Your help will be appreciated.

11:05 AM
Anything can change :)
Afterall, there is nothing permanent in this life.”

FFS you just stated that a permanent disability is “not permanent in this life”.

Okay, after helping by getting the account activated again, the eBay rep blows all the goowill with this exchange:

We seem to be doing “what were your previous delivery addresses on your eBay account” verification. Good.

eBay support rep seems to have dropped the “you must speak via voice why can't you do that are you not a human” bullshit for now.

Now asking more pertinent details like what email address I used. More hopeful, but it's disturbing we didn't get a resolution on ableism.

“It is also not true that “the only way” is to communicate by phone. That is an eBay policy entirely under eBay's control and you can change it any time you like. Please do not lie about “the only way”, it is aggressive and bullying.

10:39 AM
I'm sorry if that is how see the situation.”

(no fuck you eBay, that's a factual description not “how see the situation”)

Now we seem to be down a possibly-helpful side route, she's realised I'm logged into eBay so don't need my passphrase reset.

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