@chinwagnews Never mind, I'm caught up (the Chinwag News didn't inform me about social.chinwag.org/@mike/10835 ) and now logging in works again.

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@chinwagnews Has something gone wrong with logging in to rooms.chinwag.org? This week my XMPP client is responding that my login failed.

An excellent interview with Wikimedia's previous CEO.

She firmly roots the success of Wikipedia in the and values of the organisation, and that everything they produce is . An inspiring and informative conversation.


I realised I had never seen either _Deep Impact_ nor _Armageddon_, both released in 1998. Time to rectify that.

They are both *bad movies*, but (given their premise and plot are essentially the same) in very different ways.

For @pelagikat @bgcarlisle and others whose research might need some R programs:

A simple change to make your R programs future-proof.

“Over the past year I have learned a few things that made me more concerned about R's reproducibility […] I will mention three things.

“Most posted R scripts apparently don't even run. […]

“Come think of it: this is a big pain in the Rs for books. […]

“Personal Experience with abandoned packages.”


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hi new users! this is a reminder that mastodon's culture is NOT the same as twitter's-- you're entering a community, not a void, and we're reading your posts and want to interact with you

please don't treat this place as "twitter but with a new ui." the influx has been overwhelming for some of us who've been around for a while, we're happy to see new faces but please be considerate of the people around you as you join this space. thank u

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Unions are like condoms, if someone tries to convince you you don't need one you should take your stuff and go home.

@mherbert I endorse leaving Spotify behind and moving to control over your own audio.

At this time it is good to remember that “nowhere in the Bible does Jesus have a sword fight”.

“You raise a valid point and I appreciate you pointing out my failings as a parent. Practising a system of ethics based on the promise of a reward, in your case an afterlife, is certainly preferable to practising a system of ethics based on it simply being the right thing to do.”


Wordle 296 2022-04-11: X/6 

Well I couldn't even complain about the resulting word, it's legit. I just plain failed this one.

Wordle 296 X/6


corporation will not willingly allow to unionise. They will use anything in their power to prevent workers talking freely.

“In addition to the automated system, managers will have the authority to flag or suppress any Shout-Outs that they find inappropriate, the documents show.”


The differences lead to really bizarre descriptions that, while accurate to reality, are utterly alien to our comprehension.

Particles that exist or don't exist over a probability smear. Instants that can't be subdivided. Electrons that teleport from one place to another — or maybe are two instances of the same electron, in different places.

Philosophically, this tells me that nature doesn't care whether we comprehend it, and our brains were not designed to understand the world accurately.

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What makes a lot of it weird comes from the fact that classical physics *still* accurately describes everything above those tiny scales. And that difference is really puzzling to grapple with.

Rise only a little way above those tiny quantum scales, and all the discrete steps and the very different behaviour, averages out, and the world *behaves as though* everything was continuous and deterministic.

So both are true: Classical physics *and* quantum physics describe our world accurately. Weird.

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So “quantum” just means, one of those fundamental, indivisible discrete steps of something: of time, of energy, of distance, of matter, etc.

It helped me to realise “quantum” doesn't mean “big and surprising”, nor does it mean “small and weird”. It means a discrete quantity; and its use in physics reflects the need to describe the *fundamental*, indivisible, discrete quantities observed at the smallest scales in nature.

Wordle 260, 2022-03-06 

Wordle 260 3/6

I love it when an early couple of guesses narrows the options to effectively one word.

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