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It's award nomination and recommended reading lists time again. Here's my eligible stuff. Be sure to remind people of yours.

After a surprise performance by a well known and admitted wanker, it seems an appropriate time to reiterate that Louis CK is BANNED from ever appearing on Damo and Micks Backyard Quiz. @mike

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I caught one of the best photos of my life today. A ranger giving a talk and feeding cormorants threw fish to a local whistling kite who kept coming by and I snapped this.

I have mowed the lawns and thus deserve praise.

Andy Warhol once said "In the future, everyone will be British Prime Minister for 15 minutes"

Tik Tok people clearly don't know what POV means and it's giving me the shits! Gonna go shake my fist at a cloud.

I hate Tom Bombadil. Every time I've attempted to read , I get up to that bit and want to wring-ding-a-dilio his merry-dell-neck. But I made a dumb throwaway joke on the weekend that I'd only watch a show with that character in it if he was played by Matt Berry, and I think I accidentally came up with a genius idea.

Like Doctor Claw flying off into the distance, yelling "I'll get you next time Gadget!"

These new action movies are too WOKE!! Feminist nonsense! They should make movies like they did in the 80s! Like Alien and Terminator!
No, wait...

Oh heck.
Stephen Fry as Gilbert is absolutely inspired. Literally could not be anyone more perfect to play him. Like the rest of the casting is incredible, but maaaaaan.

What a lovely quaint little diner. I'm sure this episode will be nice and wholesome.

I think we ALL know the REAL reason that the publishing world won't touch any of these amazing works of mine with a ten foot pole. It's because I'm a white man. James Patterson was right after all!

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Why will no editor even want to TALK to me about my allegorical satire of authoriatarianism and inequality starring domesticated animals, Creature Plantation?

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Who will publish my great work about a lawyer defendibg a wrongly accused Black man, To Murder a Mimidae?

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Or my tale about migrant ranch workers, Of Rodents and Humans.

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And then Robert DeNiro comes in and is all like "I'm gonna fuck your undead wife now".

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